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WIPM Party second Public Meeting – Thursday, March 12

The WIPM Party will be holding another public meeting, Thursday March 12th. This time the meeting will be held in Windwardside at The Eugenius Johnson Center. The meeting will begin at 7:00pm but there will be entertainment by local cultural icons, The Occasionals Band starting at 6:00pm.

At the last meeting, voters were explained by the candidates their positions on various issues and this time the candidates will elaborate on the pressing issues facing the island in the coming four years.

“At the last meeting people heard what the WIPM Party has done for progress on this island and what our plans are. They were able to see that the candidates on the WIPM list are capable of representing them in elected office. I would like to invite everyone to come out tomorrow and meet with all the candidates and hear what they have to say,” stated Party Leader, Rolando Wilson

After the speeches there will be refreshments and entertainment.

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