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SBA awarded Patrick Hassell

The Daily Herald writes that Saba Business Association (SBA) recently awarded Patrick Hassell with the Entrepreneur of the Year (EOTY) 2014 title. Hassell owns and manages “Patrick’s Auto Detailing” located on the outskirts of Windwardside. Wolfgang Tooten, president of the SBA, announced feeling proud to be able to award the EOTY 2014 to one of Saba’s young business people and feels Hassell deserves the recognition.

Hassell became the newest member of the SBA in 2014. The SBA promotes a more diverse development of Saba’s economy, and is happy that one of Saba’s young people showed the spirit of entrepreneurship and started his own business despite the risks such a move carries.

In 2014, Hassell opened his “Patrick’s Auto Detailing” business. He built the shop by himself with the help of his father and friends. Hassel said that since his new business has no competition and it is something that Saba really needed, he is getting a lot of business.

Tooten commented: “Hassell represents a great role model for other young Sabians who can follow his lead and learn from his experience. I really admire Patrick’s determination, commitment, consistence and hard work.

“In the spirit of adventure, Patrick took a chance and took his future into his own hands. Patrick works daily at his business from early morning until late in the afternoon. He has a great attitude and his service is unmatched. He delivers as promised and the quality of his work is without question, excellent.”

Tooten reinforced the issue that Saba needs more young local entrepreneurs, especially women and said that the SBA is certainly willing and able to help them with advice and know-how. “For the future of Saba’s economy the SBA can only reinforce that we are committed to support local entrepreneurs and that we will lobby for them in our relation with the local government, the Dutch government and in our capacity as a member of the Saba E-Team,” Tooten commented.

Hassell has two young children and is engaged to be married to Michelle Emmanuel who works as a waitress and bartender at Scout’s Place on Saba. Hassell showed pride in accepting the award from Tooten, who personally came to visit his business and hand over the award. “Thank you very much for the recognition. I really appreciate this award. I hope that many more young Sabians will also have the courage to start their own business someday, especially in the tourist sector” Hassell commented. His fianc. Emmanuel said she is very proud and confident that Hassell and his business will be successful in the years to come.

Patrick Hassell

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  1. Jennifer Hassell

    Big Congratulations Patrick! You Have worked extremely Hard and Earned This! Be Proud Of Yourself and Crew to see what you Have accomplished On Saba, My The Youth Take you as an example All things are possible. We Really appreciate all your hard work!


    Jennifer Hassell

  2. Congratulations Patrick. I’m very proud of you.

  3. Voltaire Simmons

    Congrats Patrick a Well deserved award. Admired your project from the beginning and so happy that I took so many pictures of it as you proceeded along. Continue remaining focus and fulfilling all your dreams.

  4. Congratulations Patrick on your achievement, continue to do what you love doing the best, this is an open opener to other young men and women on saba to go after their dream, All the best and continue to be who you are DO not change.

  5. I would also like to congratulate Patrick with this award as a young father in this community who proves hard work pays off.
    I would also like to ask all the well-wishers to assist me in purchasing a power washer for Patrick.

    I believe he had a power washer and it had some problems so he is in need of a new power washer.
    The total cost is about $270,-

    I am putting up the first $50 dollars, if anyone is interested in helping this young man please contact me.

  6. Congratulation Patrick you deserve more than this I really apreciate he’s good work

    We are proud of you we will supporte you

  7. I didn’t know about the power washer but I’m putting in $50US too.

  8. Jayaira Windfield

    Great job Patrick. From one day I was always your number one customer and was always satisfied with your work and of course my dad as well. Keep up the great work

  9. Thank you Wolfgang
    With your addition we now now have enough to cover the amount needed.

  10. Congrats Patrick! Hope to meet you next visit again. Keep on going!

  11. Voltaire Simmons

    Julio I will also contribute towards the power washer. Thanks for letting us know about this. Great job Patrick is doing. Please let me know who I need to give my contribution to.

  12. Thanks for the offer Voltaire, but we managed to get the needed amount to purchase the power washer.
    The power washer was purchased and will be arrving within the coming 2 weeks.
    Special thanks to all who contributed to this cause!