Monday , May 29 2023

Final meetings political parties at Topo Gigio

On Sunday a Monday the two political parties on Saba held their final meetings at Topo Gigio bar and restaurant, before Election Day. On Sunday evening, the candidates of the Windward Island People’s Movement (WIPM) party were showing their colours and held their speeches. On Monday evening, it was the Saba Labour Party, which had its candidates lined up to give their opinions and views on the future of Saba. On both nights the number of attendants was around 150. Rhis writes The Daily Herald.

On Sunday, when WIPM took the stage at Topo Gigio’s, much was said about the evaluation period that Saba is facing. On Monday, it was no different, when SLP’s Shemiqua Blackman expressed her views, saying, “This is evaluation year, and the evaluation takes place on March 18.” SLP claims that WIPM is not pressuring the Dutch Government enough into fighting for their rights. The WIPM candidates, on the other hand, claim that the SLP candidates don’t possess the knowledge to successfully navigate through the evaluation period and bring it to a success.

Number two WIPM candidate Chris Johnson pumped up the crowd on Sunday. He said the SLP doesn’t even mention the evaluation period once in their programme.

Number two SLP candidate Stanley Peterson mentioned on Monday that the newly constructed recycling plant is already broken down, because it was rushed into being opened and there was not enough time for proper training of the employees. Fellow candidate Blackman called the recycling plant a waste of money.

Bruce Zagers, WIPM’s number three candidate, said the SLP supports change, but that their ideas are not realistic. Zagers also mentioned that although the SLP claims that WIPM is only for a select few, in fact they are in support of everyone on Saba.

Both parties share the same ideals when it comes to the upbringing and education of youths. New plans for giving youths an opportunity to be involved in singing and acting will be realised.

Vito Charles, the number six candidate on the WIPM list, mentioned that culture holds society together. “We need to preserve our culture for the future generations” Charles said.

Monique Wilson, number six on the SLP list, said. “Youths on Saba should be a key target; currently they are not being given enough attention. We do not want the people of Saba to become puppets; we’d rather see them stand up for themselves.” Wilson also promised to improve care for the elderly, as did Carl Buncamper, WIPM’s number four candidate.

Buncamper mentioned that through his experience in conserving human rights, he feels that care for the elderly should be greatly improved in the years to come.

Eviton Heyliger, number five on the WIPM list, mentioned that he wanted to organise a day, every month, where senior citizens can buy their groceries with a 25-per-cent discount.

Steve Hassell, number nine for SLP, said he wants to increase the old age pension to an equal and fair level.

On both nights the audience listened carefully to what each candidate had to say. The future of Saba was the number one priority and the love for the island was ever present. Even though the paths to achieving certain goals differ, the willingness to make Saba a better place for everyone was the underlying topic for both parties.



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