Saturday , May 27 2023

Official results of elections presented

On Friday at 10:00am, the official vote results of the 2015 Saba Elections were presented by Governor Jonathan Johnson. The presentation was given in the courtroom of the government building. This writes The Daily Herald.

The results are as follows:

The Windward Island People’s Movement (WIPM) party 545 votes

Saba Labour Party (SLP) 407 votes.

The vote counts of the individual WIPM candidates are:

Bruce Zagers 187 votes

Christopher Johnson 145 votes

Rolando Wilson 71 votes

Eviton Heyliger 56 votes

Carl Buncamper 35 votes

Vito Charles 27 votes.


For the SLP the vote counts of the individual WIPM candidates are:

Monique Wilson 121 votes

Ishmael Levenstone 89 votes

Steve Hassell 61 votes

Augustino Martin 34 votes

Stanley Peterson 32 votes

Enrico Klaber 22 votes.

Because Monique Wilson received a higher voting count than 50 per cent of the voting quota, she moved up the list to first place before Levenstone.


A total of four votes were blank and 10 votes were announced as invalid. In total, 952 people voted on Wednesday. Since the total number of seats in the Island Council is five, the quota for receiving a seat was calculated at 190.4. This meant that each party received two seats, and that the remaining seat went, according to the voting rules, to the WIPM party, as they obtained the highest number of votes.


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  1. In my count that makes 521 for WIPM, who got the other 24 votes? For SLP I count 359 votes reported here, where are the other 48?

  2. Only the 6 candidates with the most votes of both parties are mentioned. No miscalculations.

  3. I confused why WIPM still be holding 3 out of 5 island council seats. If Bruce Zagers and Chris Johnson going to take they commissioners jobs then should island council then not be made from the highest voted?

    Monique Wilson 121 votes SLP

    Ishmael Levenston 89 votes SLP

    Rolando Wilson 71 votes WIPM

    Steve Hassell 61 votes SLP

    Eviton Heyliger 56 votes WIPM

    I have to say that this vote be a wake up call for Commissioner Chris Johnson as he nearly loss out to Monique and she a first time candidate. I believes this is all to do with the mess made and still carrying on at the SCS. I hope Commissioner Johnson wake up and fix heself and that school or else this be his last 4 years. No more sticking your hand in the sand like an overstuffed ostrich.

    I was outrage the way Ishmael Levenston spoke to Monique Wilson and treat her like a child in his speech. She the highest votes in your party and you should be grateful that she on SLP side. She the future of that party but I not surprise he get on so as his son Dave just the same. (shortened by editor)

  4. Drs René Caderius van Veen

    The claim of WIPM to have won in these elections is quite absurd.
    When I calculated well the differences between 2011 and 2015 are as follows:
    Elections 2011
    WIPM 684 85,3%
    SLP 117 14,7%
    Total: 801 100%

    Elections 2015
    WIPM 545 57%
    SLP 407 43%
    Total: 942 100%

    WIPM lost in percentage 28,3%
    SLP won in percentage 28,3%
    And in fact were the results of WIPM even worse
    and of SLP even better
    because there were 141 more votes in 2015!

  5. The voting results of individual WIPM candidates in 2011
    minus the results in 2015 and the losses are:
    Bruce Zagers 257-187 votes= losing 70
    Christopher Johnson 176-145 votes= losing 31
    Rolando Wilson 77-71 votes= losing 6
    Eviton Heyliger 63-56 votes= losing 7
    Carl Buncamper 92-35 votes= losing 57
    And all that while there were 141 more voters in 2015
    What is WIPM celebrating actually?
    They lost a considerable amount of confidence!

  6. Saffy, WIPM has three seats on the Island Council because the WIPM party has the most votes. If Chris and Bruce remain as Commissioners, their Island Council seats would go to the next highest vote ‘getters’ in their party. I believe that would be Mr. Heyliger and Mr. Buncamper.

    While the WIPM and SLP had a close margin of votes, the WIPM party still received more votes. Therefore, they are the winning party. No matter how you try to twist the numbers.

    I wonder, many are counting and subtracting how many voters there were this election, and how many votes the WIPM party lost. Did anyone stop to consider that there were more candidates in this election? The SLP party, I believe, had more candidates this election than the last one.

    I agree Saffy, I too did not like the way Mr. Levenstone spoke to/of Ms. Wilson in his speech. I think she deserves an apology. As you said, it was her first election and she got more votes than him. If anyone can teach someone a thing or two, she could teach Mr. Levenstone, not the other way around.