Thursday , November 30 2023

WIPM held victory parade

The Daily Herald writes that Windward Island People’s Movement (WIPM) held their victory parade and celebrations on Sunday. On Wednesday, March 18, WIPM had won the Saba elections with a three-to-two seat win from Saba Labour Party (SLP). At approximately 3:00pm, 70 cars and motorbikes, all with orange flags and honking their horns, drove from Fort Bay to Cove Bay. At Cove Bay the festivities continued with free food and drinks and music provided by “DJ Kevin” and “Nuff Said Crew”.

“This is our way to give gratitude to our voters. It’s been a long, hard battle and I must compliment the SLP for their two seat win this election. I’m hoping we can have a constructive partnership,” Chris Johnson said. “I was glad that I was given this opportunity. I gained experience and I’ll definitely be running again in four years,” said first-time election candidate Vito Charles. Carl Buncamper commented that now Saba can move forward for another four years. Each of the nine party members held a short speech thanking and congratulating the people of Saba who voted for their party, and congratulating the SLP for winning an additional seat. “You heard a lot of rumours but nobody is going nowhere,” Rolando Wilson told the audience. Paula Childs thanked Will Johnson for giving her the opportunity to be a candidate for this election. Sundiata Lake said WIPM will continue to stand up for the people of Saba. The celebrations continued until late in the evening.


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