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Opinion: SCS risks bankruptcy due to lawsuits from former staff members

Dear Editor,

Several weeks ago I heard a rumor that was later confirmed, that the former director of Saba Comprehensive School and the three teachers whose contracts were not renewed have filed lawsuits against Saba Educational Foundation.

Are the lawsuits common knowledge? Does anyone care that Saba Educational Foundation is being sued?  Especially in light of the fact that we have read here that the school is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy?  Should these four individuals win their cases on April 10, 2015, how will the school pay the damages since the school has no money?

The former director and teachers have sought a positive solution to what they believe is an injustice. To be clear, Sabans need to remember that many teachers, students and various members of the community have all delivered protest letters, petitions and held rallies in support of the former director and teachers. These protest letters were delivered to a variety of people that included: the former board, Chris Johnson, OCW, the Inspectorate and key individuals in The Hague.

The former director and teachers waited for a response, positive or negative, to each letter, rally or petition but none came. In May 2014, the group developed a two year timeline of events with supporting materials which they believe supported their grievances. Those documents were later shared with the Inspectorates and members of the Ministry of Education in The Hague.  It was those documents that brought the Vo-raad to Saba to meet with teachers, parents and to have a private meetings with the former director and one of the teachers.

Regardless of your opinion of the pending lawsuit it is important to recognize that a lawyer reviewed the evidence provided by the former director and the three teachers under Dutch law and subsequently filed four lawsuits. Each lawsuit has its own grievances. If the former director and the three teachers win their cases on April 10, 2015, who will pay the damages?  Saba Comprehensive School doesn’t have any money.  Where is the Vo-raad and more importantly where is State Secretary Sander Dekker?

Gentlemen it is time that you act.

Name withheld on request

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  1. Good I hopes they win. I remember some people on ere saying that if those that lost their job had a problem then to take the school board to court. Well now they has so I hope this settle it for a lot of people that Mr. Hemmie and those good teachers was treated wrong by those wicked board members. Now they are going to court and will win. That school in a dreadful way this year and nothing being done. I read that Bonnaire it worse and and bankrupt and everyone fired. What a mess and our kids suffering. The Dutch need to come back over and fix all this and make right correct wrong. Mr. Hemmie should be back running that school.

  2. Saffy, your comment hits it again. No one can phase it better then you.
    In light of this whole drama that started in April last year, we now face a school which is financially on the edge. You think that Mr. Hot Shot Oleana and Mr Henriques where here this week to talk about curriculum development and student progress? No way, they where here to discuss the non functioning of the care program (responsibility of Mrs. Koevoets) an the extravaganza expenditures of the SCS which has brought the school to a dire situation.

    Further more the school has not been able to deal with the unqualified teaching situation. Yes indeed, the school is now paying out of their own budget, master courses for teachers to enable to get them qualified. And what about those who are already qualified? No problem we give them a second master degree course. School will pay.

    When you have a problem as director to communicate with the rest of the world, you just hire a communication person who will work for you, not free of charge. Who pays this person? The school out of their budget.
    We have extra people employed to safe a sinking ship. Who pays for this? The school out of their budget.

    No wonder that planned school trips (read 4 to 5 students) had to be postponed to next year because the school has no finances.

    Now the school gets Oleana and Henriquez over to discuss the budget. But people, it was Noleana and Henriquez who orchestrated the whole exodus last year. Now they come to tell the school how to move forward? Jokers of OCW.

    Anyway coming back to the court case, I hope they all win and smash it in the faces of those who are responsible for their action, last year. With God as judge, justice will prevail.

    Saba Guru
    (shortened by Editor)