Thursday , December 7 2023

WIPM government: focus on evaluation of Saba's political status

In an article of Hazel Durand, Caribisch Netwerk reported that the new Island Council of Saba is sworn on March 26. The government plans until 2019 were presented. “The priority is the evaluation of the political status as special municipality of the Netherlands. The WIPM delegates are of the opinion that the laws that address the current status need to be properly analyzed, “said commissioner Bruce Zagers, the new chairman of the party.

The Windward Islands People Movement (WIPM) is the winner of the Island Council elections with 545 votes. Three of the WIPM candidates have retained their seats: party leader Rolando Wilson, Carl Buncamper and Everton Heyliger.

Saba Labour Party (SLP) was close behind with 407 votes. Party leader Ishmael Levenstone has retained his seat and newcomer Monique Wilson has got the fifth seat. She replaces WIPM candidate Amelia Nicholson.

“The voters have made sure that I get a partner in the Island Council,” said Levenstone. In her speech Wilson advocated equality for all people of Saba regardless of political affiliation. “To the youngsters I want to say, that with passion, desire and dedication it is possible to achieve something good and that one can be successful. ”

Newcomer Monique Wilson (Photo Hazel Durand)
Newcomer Monique Wilson
(Photo Hazel Durand)

According to Johnson of the WIPM party, the coming months will be dedicated to the evaluation of the political status. The outcome of the evaluation will be announced this year on October 10. The WIPM party has a long list of items that need to be studied, namely the level of cost of living, the tax structure, the immigration procedures and work permits, customs, health insurance, inspections, outdated laws, criminal laws and division of tasks between Saba and the Netherlands.

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