Monday , February 26 2024

NGO’s win volleyball opener

The Saily Herald writes that the Saba Volleyball Association (SVA) 2015 volleyball season got off to a great start at the Peter L. Granger Sport Auditorium in St. Johns Saturday. The tournament has seven teams registered to compete for the title in eleven matches from March 27 through May.

The first two teams to face each other were The Rusties and the NGO’s. Both teams brought much excitement to the game. The Rusties won the first 2 sets with the NGO’s making a strong comeback winning 3 straight sets. The match went the full five sets ending in favour of the NGO’s.

The teams competing in the 2015 volleyball tournament are; the Rusties, NGO’s, Medical Students, Strikers, RCN, Saba Health Care Foundation, the Untouchables and SCS Boys.

The Tournament opened with speeches by SVA President Johan Schaeffer and board member Alida Heilbron. Schaeffer informed the public that SVA is now a member of both the International and Regional Volleyball Association. Players can look forward to competing in international and regional competitions. These competitions are for male and female players in various categories and will include beach volleyball.


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