Wednesday , November 29 2023

Mount Scenery – The highest peak in the Kingdom

The facts: Mount Scenery is a potentially active volcano in the Caribbean Netherlands. Its lava dome forms the summit of the Saba island strato-volcano. At an elevation of 887 m (2,910 ft), it is the highest point in both the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and, since the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles on 10 October 2010, the highest point in the Netherlands proper.

The Saba volcano is potentially dangerous; the latest eruption was in or around the year 1640 and included explosions and pyroclastic flows.

The trail: The hike to the top of Mount Scenery is a “must do” for many of the visitors of Saba. Some are driven by the objective to climb the highest point in the kingdom, other want to experience the mysteries of the Elfin forest and yet other want to enjoy the view from the top. Whatever your aim is: it is a hike you may not miss.

The trail consists of 1064 steps. In effect the trail is one, large staircase. The real die-hards start the trail in Windwardside, just across the Trail Shop. It is just outside the village along the road towards The Bottom. You pass the lovely House-on-the-path, a vacation rental.

After some time you arrive at the end of the Mountain Road. The lazy ones take a taxi from Windwardside and start their climb here. The path to the Ecolodge / Rain Forest restaurant starts here as well. If it is open, you’ll find that this is a great stop going up or down.

Then you are on your way to the crater that holds the Elfin Forest, a primary rain forest. The good thing is that you cannot get lost so  is no need for a guide. The crater has three peaks that can be visited. You reach the most interesting one by following the path to the communication tower. At the end you’ll find the stone confirming that you are at the highest point of the kingdom. The view over the Caribbean Sea is stunning.

On you way down you may consider to take the Budd’s Mountain trail in stead of descending the steps. In that case you have to turn right at the first shed on your left hand side.

Interested? Join this 45 min. guided hike to the Cloud Forest.


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