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Research teams "Impact New Constitutional Structure Caribbean Netherlands" on Saba April 8-12

logo Caribbean Nethelands EvaluationAs of 10-10-10 the relationship between Saba and St. Eustatius with The Netherlands has changed. In the coming weeks, research teams will investigate the impact on Saba and St. Eustatius of these transitions since 10-10-10. The researchers will interview organizations, island authorities and public services, and speak with the citizens. In addition, there will be telephone interviews amongst a part of the population to ensure in-depth insight.

In 2014, the independent evaluation committee started conducting its investigation into the transition of the constitutional structure in Caribbean Netherlands. “We find that the topic is rightfully very much discussed on the islands, and therefore we hope that many people will want to participate in the research and share their experiences” Ms. Spies, Chairwoman of the Evaluation Committee, explains.

Research is being conducted in three areas; the impact on citizens, the impact of the legislative changes and the new governmental structure. Each area has its own dedicated research team that reports to the evaluation committee. Those teams will visit Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius from April 7th to 24th to gather information.

The teams that focus on the impact on citizens will visit Saba from April 8th till April 12th and St. Eustatius from April 12th till April 16th. Persons who are willing to share their experiences with regard to the impact of these transitions, are invited to do so during one of the open consultation hours.

The evaluation committee and the researchers hope that the citizens of Saba and St. Eustatius will participate in the research by sharing his/her personal experience during the open consultation hours or via a digital form on the website All input is handled confidentially and is important to gain insight in the impact of the transition of Saba and St. Eustatius since 10-10-10.

The evaluation committee will present its findings in its final report no later than October 10, 2015.

Open consultation hours on Saba:

Thursday April 9th, Saba Roads & Construction building, from 17:00hrs – 19:00hrs
Saturday April 11th, Scout’s Place, from 08:00hrs – 10:00hrs

Are you willing to share your experience? Please send us an email at with confirmation of your participation, mentioning the date and time of your visit (registration is not required, but much appreciated. You may also just pop-in), or you can share your experiences via

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