Saturday , April 1 2023

Water and Energy Bonaire (WEB) opened its first solar garden on Bonaire. reports that a pilot installation of 792 solar panels on the Barcadera site on Bonaire was commissioned and placed under the auspices of the Dutch company WEB Solar Power Solutions. With this installation WEB researches the efficiency and the impact solar panels on the electricity grid. In addition, the feasibility of a large park of solar panels is being investigated.

The test set is designed, supplied and installed by the Dutch Solar Power Solutions and operational since February 2015.
A high-tech monitoring system records the environmental factors such as solar radiation, temperature and wind speed and also follows closely the impact of the distribution of solar energy on the electricity grid.

Weekly analysis of the measurements gives WEB insight into the necessary adjustments, performance and future potential of energy generation by solar panels. If the results are favorable, the pilot plant can be extended to a large solar park. For such activities, WEB this will seek cooperation with both corporate and private investors.

For example, under the new Act BES electricity and drinking water, a solar park could be a solution for providing affordable power and making solar energy accessible to all residents of Bonaire.

The wind farm on Morotin produces now more than 30 percent of electrical energy. With this park Bonaire would take a new step towards more green power.

The objective of WEB is to provide the people of Bonaire affordable, reliable and sustainable energy. Green energy (wind and solar) plays a very important role.

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