Thursday , December 7 2023

Governors meet om integrity, professionalism and effectiveness

The three Island Governors of the Caribbean Netherlands met on St. Eustatius on Wednesday regarding the administrative development of Bonaire, Statia and Saba. The Daily Herald reports about it. Present for the meeting were Governors Gerald Berkel of St. Eustatius, Jonathan Johnson of Saba and Edison Rijna of Bonaire. “It was an honour for me this past week to host my colleagues together with a delegation of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations,” Governor Berkel said.

His colleague from Saba, Governor Johnson, said the meeting pertained to administrative development. “Important values such as integrity, professionalism and effectiveness are the foundation of good governance that the Island Governors and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations support. The ambition is to ensure sustainable development of the quality of public management.”

In the short term a number of activities will be started. “In the coming months discussions will be held with the Public Entities regarding activities for the coming years. Commitment from all parties is essential for the success of the programme,” Johnson

said. Johnson said he was lucky to have narrowly escaped a falling boulder which came down from the cliff in Lower Town just after he drove past that location on Oranjebaai-weg.


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