Thursday , December 7 2023

RCN stops door-to-door distribution of bulletin

The Daily Herald writes that the 24th edition of the information bulletin of the Dutch national government for the Caribbean Netherlands is out; however, the bulletin will no longer be distributed door-to-door in Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba, Government Service Caribbean Netherlands RCN said in a statement.

The new edition of the bulletin contains information about the Evaluation Committee Caribbean Netherlands among other subjects. Dutch Government Representative Gilbert Isabella spoke with young people studying in the Netherlands.

The information bulletin also contains articles about English as the language of instruction on Statia; what employees should do when they have a job opening in Bonaire; and news about various construction projects on the island.

From now on, the paper will be on offer twice a year at Printed versions will no longer be distributed door-to-door, but will still be available at the RCN offices. The bulletin can be collected free of charge at RCN main office on Kaya Internashonal on Bonaire, at the office in Mazinga Complex on Statia and at the RCN office in The Bottom, Saba.

Following independent media research carried out by RCN in 2014, it was decided to no longer deliver the bulletin to every doorstep because of the high cost of distribution and because the paper was not really popular. Research showed that not everyone knew about the bulletin, despite the fact that it was distributed door-to-door every three months between 2010 to December 2014. This may be because the newspaper was not distributed properly or because not everyone in the household actually got the RCN newspaper in hands. Interested persons may download or read the bulletin via the RCN website, where all information bulletins of the recent years are also available.

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