Sunday , October 1 2023

Lack of motivation of Students in Dutch secondary schools

The Daily herald reports that many Dutch secondary school pupils take no pleasure in learning and perceive education as something they have to go through, according to a new report by chief education inspector Annette Roeters.

This lack of motivation plays across the entire school spectrum and many teachers admit being unable to enthuse their pupils about learning, the report states. Four in 10 teachers in the first three years of secondary school say they are not able to motivate their pupils.

Maths and reading are among the most unpopular subjects, the report says. This echoes similar findings made last year. Even though Dutch pupils are less motivated than in neighbouring countries, they do perform well overall and most are pleased with their school and education, Roeters points out.

In general, education in the Netherlands is good and fewer children are repeating years, the report says. However, the chief inspector also points out that schools are becoming more selective and that it is increasingly difficult for late developers to move up into a higher stream.

Education Minister Jet Bussemaker said in a reaction that schools must be aware of the negative impact of strict selection policies at a young age. “Education must remain accessible for everyone, including those who blossom at a later age and want to move up a stream,” she is quoted as saying by news agency ANP.

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