Sunday , October 1 2023

Medical Student found dead at home

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The Daily Herald reports that a 23-year-old medical student was found dead in her apartment in The Bottom on Wednesday around 10:00am. The police secured the body and brought it to the police station in The Bottom for further analysis. The police are not yet able to
comment on the case. No cause of death has been established. Speculations range from suicide to homicide or drug abuse.

Reportedly the student was in either her second or third semester. Because no cause of death has been established, the investigation will continue in the coming days.

A Police Inspector will arrive in Saba from Bonaire today, Thursday, at 5:00pm. An official police statement will be made as soon as the cause of death is determined, but this might be prolonged if there are signs of murder.

The Saba University School of Medicine Dean informed his students of the tragic incident on Wednesday. The students were in shock. The news may have some delaying effect on the upcoming exams. Amongst the students there were no signs that the victim was having problems.

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  1. May her dear soul find rest in the arms of the Eternal father.. to her family so far away may they find comfort in the arms of the Lord…RIP Kavya

  2. A saba medical student gets drugged, strapped to a chair, raped by multiple locals and then her body is discarded and “saba news” says it might be suicide? And the “police” are “investigating”? 99% crime rate my ass. The med students that make it out of here are saints. But the faculty and the rest of this island are bull shit. Post the real story

  3. It is Saturday. Why is there not an update on this? A medical student was murdered and there is no news? The only reason this island has population is because of the medical school. Can the news please give a report?

  4. My God I hearing terrible things about this poor girl and that she was bound, raped and killed. People saying it was locals or her former boyfriend who is a medical student. I hears she was on her way home to give her mother her kidney cause she ill.

    This breaks my heart and is very sad and very scary on this little island. Saba always been proud of being the jewel in the Caribbean and being safe and this happen. Why there is no update? As a women I don’t feels safe in my house and I locks the door at night which I never done.

    There was a rape last year yet them boys walking free and people blaming that poor girl who had to leave the island and then the incidents of that man breaking into homes and watching as they sleeps yet the police done nothing.

    What is happening on our little island over the last year and why nothing is ever done? The Dutch government needs to step in and investigate all that been going on over the last year. The medical school is a lifeline to us Sabans and this going to cause many problems. May this poor child rest her soul in the hands of our good Lord and know that we will demand justice for her.

    My prayers is with her family and friends

  5. Why are comments like these allowed to be published? An official statement has not yet been made as to what happened, yet you have taken it upon yourself to make these ridiculous statements. Were you there? Did you witness what happened? If so, go make a statement to the police station, if not, keep your ignorance to yourself please. Saba is a peaceful island and you have taken it upon yourself to slander the island and its people for what reason??? Yes, it is truly a sad situation, but you do not know what happened, the cause of death has yet to be determined. So stop slandering Saba, if you know the “real story”, go help the police instead of hiding behind your computer making ignorant remarks.

    Note Editor:
    I have full sympathy for the above comment. However, I believe that it is key, that we keep Saba News transparent. I do publish the other comments because it is not up to me to censor these as long as they are in accordance with the house rules. I hope that readers have sufficient competences to extract what is is relevant.

  6. I agree with Proud Saban. I am guessing that you “Suicide?” are a med student. If you have information about anything at all that you posted (including “discarding” the body of the deceased), then why are you not pounding on the door of the police to provide them with the information and details that you have? Like the names of the “multiple locals” you are accusing. At a minimum your statement that the body was “discarded” is incorrect since it is being flown to the Netherlands for an autopsy. Talk about a rush to judgment.

  7. First and foremost, my condolences to Kavya’s family, friends and classmates who have endured this trauma in the face of incredible disrespect, lack of compassion and police action, in the face of their grief. At the very least, people deserve to have information and to feel safe. The apparent cover up of this awful crime is something Saban residents, students, and concerned parents should be aware of. I haven’t witnessed much reflection upon the fact that a human life was lost, nor have I seen or heard any advice around safety precautions to take in light of this tragic event. Compassion and care should be afforded to the residents and students alike. Potential rape and obvious murder shouldn’t be swept under the rug. I urge people to take this story more public, so that Kavya’s death is not in vain. May you rest in peace in love and light Kavya. You will be remembered.

  8. I agree with Jane Doe. Students are feeling unsafe. Parents are not sure if they want to send their children to SABA for medical education. It is close to one month nothing known about the tragedy except it is a crime. Does that mean the criminals are still there and wandering. How safe is it. What kind of crime is it? I was thinking of sending my daughter next year to med school there. Now I dropped the idea. I don’t feel it is safe for her. I want to know what exactly had happened.

  9. Lakshmi, yes people are feeling unsafe and more so because the crime has yet to be solved. But don’t you think it is a bit irrational for you to not send your daughter to school on Saba because one crime has been committed? How many robberies, assaults and murders take place where you are from? How many of these go unsolved? Saba is still a safe place and one crime shouldn’t tarnish that. It is unsettling to know that this crime hasn’t been solved yet, but let’s all just hope the authorities are doing their jobs and can solve it as soon as possible in order to restore peace to the community and give the family of the deceased some closure. For all we know, the person responsible for this isn’t even on the island advice to you is don’t base your decision on one crime..

  10. Thank you to Anonymous.

    Because Saba is small, crimes tend to stand out more. Everyone knows about it and everyone feels it, because the island is small.
    Yes, it is scary and it needs to be solved.

    However, Saba is still a safe place to live.

  11. With a very small population, it is not possible to find the criminal. Parents of all children especially of girls will think twice before sending their daughters to this nasty place. If the criminal has run away from that place, what is the job of police then? Are they scared of tarnishing the image of this Med School.

  12. If Saba is a “nasty place”, I cannot imagine what you would refer to the rest of the world as. I guess you must come from a place that has absolutely no crime.

    Saba is one of the safest places I know. This has been the first murder in almost 24 years. It is sad and upsetting to know that something like this took place on such a little island like Saba, but to say that Saba is nasty? Come on. Please stop with the ignorance already.

  13. I agree with you anonymous. We should not base our judgement on one crime and crime is everywhere. How do we know this criminal is not on the island. Do we know who this is. This person one or more. If they know who this is, then why the authorities let this person leave the island. What is going on with the investigation. As a mother of a girl I am very concerned.

  14. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting that a man has been arrested Aug 17 near St. Louis and charged with murder, rape, child porn, slander and defamation in relation to her death. See