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Investigation into death woman on Saba – Update April 18, 9 pm

Update April 18: 9 pm

Press release RCN:

In the investigation with the name ‘ Hector ‘ into the cause of the death of the woman found dead Wednesday on Saba a judicial forensic autopsy necessary. Given the circumstances in which the woman was found, as reported, there is no indication of the cause of death. A judicial forensic autopsy will therefore have to give a definitive answer.

In close consultation with the Dutch Forensic Institute (NFI) in Rijswijk, for the benefit of the forensic autopsy, it is arranged for the body to be transferred to the NFI on Sunday April 19th. The transfer will of course take place in a very careful manner and requires the necessary agreements with various organizations. The first results from the autopsy are expected by the team in the course of the week. However it is generally anticipated that a full forensic autopsy will also include investigations that will take more time. The final and complete findings will therefore take a bit longer.

Up to the time that the investigation results have been received and are combined with the findings of among other the witnesses statements; no communications can be done on the circumstances. Previous conclusions about the circumstances are premature.

The woman’s family has meanwhile been informed on Saba. They have indicated they would prefer not to have the identity of their daughter made public. It is still not clear what the cause of death is and therefore it cannot be confirmed that there is a crime. Given these circumstances the Public Prosecutor’s Office complies with the wish of the family.

End of press release

Update April 18

The Caribisch Netwerk reports, that, probably,  the body of the American medical student will be flown to the Netherlands for an autopsy.

Update from press release RCN, April 17

On April 17th the investigation continued into the cause of death on Wednesday on Saba of a young woman. The investigating team was today mainly engaged with tracing and speaking with witnesses who can tell something about the person of the dead woman and about her whereabouts. Especially before April 15th. And perhaps about the circumstances of her death.

This is somewhat complicated because the study semester for students on Saba has come to an end and many students are leaving the island for a stay with their families. Fortunately the detectives are encountering much cooperation from the witnesses.

End of press release.

Original article:

On April 16th the investigation into the cause of death of a 24-year old young woman on Saba has continued. The investigation team has been strengthened with detectives and specialists from Bonaire. The present Acting Public Prosecutor has also received assistance from a Prosecutor from Bonaire. The investigation is still focused on determining the cause of death and on the conditions under which the woman has died.

In the framework of the investigation today (Thursday, April 16th) under the guidance of the investigating judge house searches were carried out in the home of the deceased woman and of an acquaintance. The house of the acquaintance was subject to a search because the team has to hold into account that information about contacts and activities during the last day of the deceased woman’s life can be found.

Press release RCN, April 16, 2015

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  1. It’s terrible someone is writing derogatory comments about this. What is wrong with people ?!

  2. Investigation team has been strengthened with specialists and investigators from Bonaire. Yes, well Bonaire is certainly a criminal hotspot, so I imagine these people are well qualified, but since this has become a multi national crime, how about INTERPOL?