Wednesday , February 1 2023

Dead student's body flown to Netherlands for autopsy

The Daily Herald reports that the investigation into the death of Saba University School of Medicine’s student K.G., who was found dead in her apartment in The Bottom on Wednesday, April 15, continues under the code name “Hector,” the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force said during the weekend. The police stated that there is no indication of the cause of death as of yet. Therefore, a forensic autopsy was deemed necessary to provide a definitive answer. In close consultation with Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) in Rijswijk, it was decided a forensic autopsy will be conducted there. It was arranged for the body to be transferred to the Netherlands on Sunday. The authorities assured that the transfer would take place in a very careful manner and in cooperation with various organisations. The first autopsy results are expected during the course of this week; however, it is generally anticipated that a full forensic autopsy will also include investigations that will take more time. The final and complete findings will, therefore, take a bit longer, according to official statements.
Until the results of the investigations have been received and combined with the findings of, among others, the witnesses’ statements, no information will be communicated about the circumstances of the victim’s death. Any conclusions about the circumstances are premature, according to the police statement.
Meanwhile, the young woman’s family has been informed. They travelled from the United States to Saba on Friday, April 17, where they were met by Island Governor Jonathan Johnson and others. The parents were given the opportunity to view the body. The parents have indicated that they would prefer not to have the identity of their daughter made public. Considering that the cause of death has not yet been established, and it has not been ascertained whether it concerns a crime, the Prosecutor’s Office has decided to comply with the wish of the family.
The parents left Saba again on Saturday and met with the Vice-Consul of the United States’ Consulate in Curaçao, later that same day on St. Maarten. “We are as shocked and saddened as everyone else by what happened. All resources are now put in place to get a clear answer of what happened. Unfortunately, many speculations are going around the island and even outside of Saba. An investigation of this magnitude takes time and the official protocol has to be carried out,” Island Governor Johnson said. He wished the family and friends of the deceased woman “all the best and much strength in this terrible period.”
Many students had seen K.G. on Tuesday evening, the night before she was found dead in her apartment. She was seen having fun with her fellow students at a party. These anonymous sources all told The Daily Herald, there were no indications of a possible suicide. On Wednesday morning, K.G. was not present at school. Several calls made to inquire about her absence remained unanswered. When a female friend of the victim discovered the reason of her absence late Wednesday morning, she was shocked and screamed loudly. A Saba Electric Company technician, who was nearby, heard the frantic screams and called the authorities for assistance. The housekeeper of K.G. mentioned that the young woman never locked her apartment door.


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  1. Please keep updated. As a possible future parent of Saba student we want to know what actually happened.

  2. If the authorities say her death was self-inflicted, they’re covering up the fact she was raped and murdered. Her family needs to do a secondary autopsy and not put blind faith into the authorities as they might want to bury the case to protect their own self-interests.