Wednesday , February 1 2023

King’s Day and King’s Games celebrations on Saba

Saba will be hosting the King’s Games and King’s Day on this upcoming Friday April 24th and Monday April 27th respectively. The King’s games which have been well received since their inception when King Willem Alexander was inaugurated will be hosted for all of the students of the Sacred Heart School. The games start at 7:30am. The organizing committee for the King’s Games is the Saba United Sports Federation. The event will consist of dance and sport. After the sports event the students will be served a breakfast at the Sacred Heart School. Parents and members of the public are invited to come out and cheer the children on.

On Monday April, 27th, King’s Day there will an Ecumenical Service at the Sacred Heart Church in The Bottom at 10:00am. The public is invited to come out and attend this service. After the service there will also be a reception on the grounds of the church.


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