Friday , February 3 2023

"I Love My Body" closed for 2015

The SHCF announced that last Tuesday afternoon was the final session for I Love My Body 2015.

It was a great get together joined by the weekly participants and a special visit from the Commissioner of Health Mr. Bruze Zagers who in his speech congratulated all the participants for successfully completing the program. He also mentioned that The Public Entity had committed to funding a follow up to the program.

In the last session there was a quiz which covered material from the previous 11 weeks, followed by a walk to Wells Bay Road and a free health check performed by Saba University School of Medicine students.

Host Dr. Gina Boorsma was very happy with a successful program and was glad to see so many people took an interest in making a change for the better; to improve their physical and psychological health.

She thanked the Saba Health Care Foundation and the Public Entity Saba for operational and financial support to make the program a reality. She thanked the ILMB team; guest speakers Suchita Peeters & Tjitske Vasilev for their interesting presentations and for their immense support to the participants, and the SUSOM medical students for performing free health checks.

The "I love my body" team and supporters. (Photo SHCF)
The “I love my body” team and supporters.
(Photo SHCF)

She also thanked the people behind the scene who on a weekly basis made the preparations for a successful program; SHCF Administration team (Damaris, Peggy, Karen & Hanneke) who took care of the announcements, booklets and room preparations, and the SHCF housekeeping (Doris, Glenda & Icilma) who prepared the ambulance bay every week into a lecture room.

Thanks for joining us again this year and we hope that we were able to help you in making positive life style changes and continue to do so even now that the program has been concluded.

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