Saturday , September 30 2023

Post Office releases new stamps with a "world's first" feature

Blog announced that, during the visit of King Willem-Alexander to Bonaire on April 30, Flamingo Express Dutch Caribbean (FXDC), the Post Office of the Caribbean Netherlands has, presented something unique.

The first King-stamps Caribbean Netherlands that were offered to the king are not only unique because of the “double image” of the King, but the stamps also have a Royal novelty. When scanning the stamp of the king with a “Cee app” one can listen to the national anthem, the Wilhelmus. When scanning the stamp with the image of the flag of one of the islands, one can listen to the anthem of that island.

The stamps were published on the day that King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima visited Bonaire. The other two islands of the Caribbean Netherlands, Saba and Statia received their own stamps. For all the three islands a sheet with 10 stamps is produced consisting of ten stamps, each with 2 different images. One that depicts King Willem-Alexander prominently and one where the flag of the island is an important element.

The management of the Dutch Caribbean Flamingo Express (FXDC) is very proud of this first in the Kingdom and the rest of the world. The national anthem on a stamp is probably a world’s first.

Nicole Merkies, CEO of FXDC, says “that the new company is only a year in charge of the postal services in the Caribbean Netherlands, but that, nevertheless, they succeeded to realize several releases of stamps.” This first King Stamp is literally a “crown on the work of FXDC ” concerning releases of stamps. Ms Merkies indicated to soon unveil even more new plansof FXDC.

Bart Bergman, financial director of FXDC, initiated the printing of these first King stamps. “I had to be present when at Joh. Enschede in Amsterdam our first King stamp was printed. It was not only an impressive event, but also a historic one. ”

The stamps are available at all post offices in the Caribbean Netherlands or via

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