Friday , December 2 2022

Second Saba Health Fair deemed a success

On Wednesday, in a combined effort to bring more awareness on healthy living and disease prevention, the second Saba Health Fair exhibition was held at the Eugenius Johnson Centre in Windwardside reports The Daily Herald.
The event, themed “Balance your health,” was an initiative of RCN Communication and was carried out in collaboration with Saba Health Care Foundation and Body, Mind & Spirit. The event was officially opened Wednesday morning by Commissioner of Public Health Bruce Zagers. Attendants were welcome to visit the many booths from 8:30am to 5:00pm.
Alida Francis, one of the organisers of the event, said that the testing of blood sugar and pressure was most popular during the day. “This event has been a great success even though we’ve had three exhibits less than two years ago. The planning was done on a rather short notice and I am happy it all came together the way it did,” Francis explained. Two years ago, the first Saba Health Fair was organised in the Bottom. Francis mentioned that it is her goal to organise the next fair in 2017, or hopefully sooner if possible. The objective of the second Saba Health Fair was mainly to increase health awareness by providing health screenings, activities, materials, demonstrations, and information as well as creating awareness of local, national and international health services and resources. Another goal is to motivate participants to make positive health behaviour changes.
The Health Fair was set up in the format of a tradeshow. Organisers provided each participant/ exhibitor with a skirted table free of charge where they were able to display their products, services, samples and brochures. Visitors were also able to win prizes by participating in a series of quizzes. There were prizes for adults as well as students.
Participating parties such as The Expertise Centre Education Care (EC2) and Caribbean Netherlands Foundation for Rehabilitation and Psychiatry SVPCN were present during the day. The White and Yellow Cross from St. Maarten also brought over three volunteers, namely a dietician, a diabetes nurse and an occupational therapist. Francis mentioned to The Daily Herald that she was especially thankful that they were able to attend on short notice.
On Thursday, May 7, health awareness lectures will be given across the street from the Eugenius Centre and Child Focus. Attendants are welcome to listen from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. The main focus of these lectures will be on diabetes and depression.

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  1. I would like to know why our kids in the comprehensive was not invited to the fair. My youngest was there with Scared Heart and say he learned a lot. I feel this type of learning is important for our kids so why the older kids not involve. It will be another two years for the next fair and health is the most important thing that affects us all. Why was they not included?

  2. Saffy the director and management team at SCS was contacted several times by RCN regarding the Health Fair but did not return any correspondence or allow the students to participate during school hours as they have done so previously