Wednesday , February 1 2023

Qredits will provide "micro credits" in Bonaire reports the Dutch provider of microcredits, Qredits, announced that they will start developing activities in Bonaire. The objective is to provide approximately 25 loans in 2015/2016 from an average of $ 15,000.

Qredits has prepared an action plan with the Public Entity of Bonaire. The aim is to help new entrepreneurs with a good start and to support existing businesses with investments. Entrepreneurs on Bonaire can get a loan of up to $ 25,000.

Up to now, the nonprofit organisation, Qredits, from The Netherlands has given more than 6000 loans to entrepreneurs for a total of more than € 120 million.

On Bonaire, the organization will assist 125 starting entrepreneurs through the process of setting up their own business. A similar number of students will be offered the schooling program ” I want to become my Own Boss”.

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