Wednesday , June 7 2023

Police continues investigation into homicide of student (2)

The 14-member Hector-team of Caribbean Netherlands Police Force is still investigating
the homicide of 24-year-old-student Kavya Guda from the United States in Saba, writes The Daily Herald.

The lifeless body of the student of Saba University School of Medicine was found in her apartment in The Bottom on April 15.

Persons with information or tips are requested to call telephone number 416-6073.


The 14 member Hector team.
The 14 member Hector team.

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  1. This is not good news when they start asking or tips or information. Sounds very much like they are at a dead end.Sounds very much like the Natalie Holloway story only difference is they had a body. Well done KPCN.

  2. Right from wrong

    This is not the movie ROBOCOP, that their is a police assigned to every house to know actly what is going on or what will happen.
    They are just informing the public, if you have heard something contact the police, that’s all.
    It isn’t that the suspect whomever that is, told the police that he or she will commit and crime and where the crime scene will be.. I think we have to be realistic here. A crime was committed behind closed doors that not even the closest tenants knew of.
    Don’t be judgemental of the police and investigation team.
    I think people on the whole needs to have more commonsense.

  3. Bring in the FBI they know what to do. This is ridiculous!

  4. I think it’s wrong having the task force’s picture in the paper with smiling faces.What do they have to smile about. They have only told the public a crime was committed, no other details they may well get more information if they informed the public of what exactly they are investigating. The citizens of Saba have a right to know.

  5. Why they post this picture of they all smiling? This is so disrespectful to the family of this young girl who was brutally raped and murdered. There, I says it as we all heard it from day 1 straight from those at the hospital. The FBI need to come in and start interviewing everyone and they must be some evidence or DNA around the crime scene. I just hope this don’t become a cover up as that will put the school in jeopardy and us Sabans rely on the school and the students. I pray this resolve soon for everyones sake but most of all this young girls family

  6. My deepest sympathies to the family and friends of this young lady, denied a bright future as a Doctor.

    Please forgive the ignorance and disrespect that has been shown on this blog. It does not reflect the seriousness and sorrow we feel for your loss.

    The real Saba mourns and wishes for resolution. Stength to family and friends in this most dreadful of times

  7. Drs René Caderius van Veen

    The only solution for factfinding in cases like this is getting DNA-samples from every male person who was on the island at that time. Why does it take so long to start this?

    Further I agree with Malachy. Everybody should be aware of the sentiments of parents, family and friends about this case, and understand that all comments are hurting them again. So I also apologize for this comment of mine, and I express also my empathy for those who are mourning.

  8. With the blinding speed “Team Hector” is moving, this is turning into a cold case. If this young lady were my daughter, you could bet your bottom dollar, the two senators and the representative from my congressional district here in NC would be all over the FBI. Natalie Holloway’s mother sure as hell got the FBI down to Aruba in no time flat!

  9. RIP…..a person’s soul can rest in peace …..only when we allow it to do so.when we the family members are waiting for the investigation team to submit their report why everybody is trying to cook up new stories. Pls do remember one thing that u people are hurting our feelings. If u really know anything just go to the investigation team and help them. Just by making such comments and mentioning her name repeatedly u are pinning the same wound.