Wednesday , November 29 2023

Opinion: Saba Guru gives update on SCS situation

Dear Editor,

After a period of quietness, it is time for an update on the SCS issues. Last time I wrote on Saba News was February 6th. Since then a lot of things have occurred, probably without noticing them since they want to keep things quiet.

  1. I mentioned the care coordinator in February as non-qualified teacher. The inspection report from The Dutch Inspectorate is, based on their last visit in 2015, stating clearly that the CARE department has not improved at all and does not show any signs of development, despite the various attempts by the director and the care coordinator to make the EC2 responsible for this. People let’s get real here. The care coordinator is NOT qualified and has no experience in this field. Just check her CV on line and you will know what I am talking about. This person is holding the educational development of the school on a low profile because she nor the Director have a clue what to do with care. It is sad to say but that is the fact.
  2. The exams are around the corner and for the first time students will have to sit a Principal of Accounts examination. These poor students only had 10 months to get to know this subject because the Director registered them without the permission and support of management team. I feel for these students because they did not have enough teaching to master this subject 100%.
  3. The renovation of the educational facilities, which was supposed to start last year July has had a delay up until now. No news, no feedback no information is given to the public about these developments. Can someone please let us know what will happen, since the Daycare is in sincere needs of improvement?
  4. The all awaited court case between the 3 ex teachers and ex principal against the former SEF board members was canceled due to the weather this morning. I hope that this thing can take place very soon because it is necessary for those who seek justice to find justice. It is about time that that chapter will be closed and an independent verdict will be given on this matter.
  5. I also understand that a number of parents have reacted to the new board regarding statements made by the Business teacher. Dear Mr. Director, you better set the record straight with these individuals, otherwise you will hear a thunder of complaints coming towards you.
  6. Last but not least, I had hoped that the new school board would be pro-active in their actions and try to prevent certain developments. Up until now, we have not seen much involvement of the new board and I sincerely hope that they will start getting their act together and steer the school into the direction that is best for Saba, and not just for the care coordinator or director, but for the students of our island.

Saba Guru

(Shortened by Editor)

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  1. This is not the first time for students to sit Principle of Accounts examinations it used to be done years ago it is just that this time they have not been adequately prepared.

  2. Probably no coincidence that the latest post from sabaguru appears just days after he signed his permanent teaching contract following three months of silence.

  3. 1. EC2 is responsible for the external care for students on the island. The LLDCC, SHS, SCS and SKJ all have a relationship with EC2 in this regard. However, SHS seems to get more assistance than the other schools. Probably because they have more students.
    While the Care structure at SCS does need more work, it has not remained the same over the school year. And no improvements were made by the previous Care Coordinator, so to imply such is an opinion not a fact.
    2. Like ‘SCS before’ stated, this is not the first time students are writing the POA examinations. They have actually done the POA exams in a school year (10 months) in the past. Do not underestimate our Form 5 students, they are quite competent and I am sure they will succeed in their examinations.
    3. The building of the new LLDCC and Kindergarten has to take place before renovations start on SHS and SCS. This is island wide knowledge. And this not an update to the SCS situation…
    4. Again, your point about the court case being postponed is not something SCS is in control of.

    I would assume the new school board will deal with parent complaints, and start being more ‘proactive.’ However, I am sure they are still looking into the different aspects of the school.

    Saba guru seems to focus on the negativity. While there are things that need improvement, that is true about every school, not just SCS.
    And while you state that this is for the best of the students, I too have heard numerous students (including Form 5 students) complain about the negative media attention their school continues to receive from a handful of disgruntle people.

  4. Well as I have been called out in public by SabanCharlie, I might as well respond in public. Thank you very much for your unintentional flattery by suggesting that I am the SabaGuru. I love it that you obviously think that I, as a Canadian, would be so well versed in all this information about the goings on in the school and also the Dutch system…….. I’ll take that as a compliment!

    I would love to know how you are aware of my contract status, as this is confidential information that only a select few know about. Obviously, you must be someone very connected, or dare I say, were connected with SCS ……but I digress. Perhaps instead of hurling public accusations around, you would be big enough to come and have a direct conversation with me. Unlike yourself, who is obviously able to spend their time from work sending multiple responses to Saba News, I actually WORK during my allotted work hours.

    I usually would not respond to such ridiculous diatribe, but as you are clearly so enamored with me and my career, I felt I owed you this public response.