Monday , February 26 2024

'Think positive' at Saba Library

“Think positive, feel good” is the theme of an ongoing free public workshop, facilitated by Suchita Peeters, in the Queen Wilhelmina Library in The Bottom, reports The Daily Herald.

This is a follow up of the “I love my body” programme. The workshop started on April 28 and will end on June 16. Sessions are held every Tuesday in the library from 5:30pm until 6:30pm. Eight people attended the last session; six of them where part of the “I love my body” workshops.

Peeters, a mental health care professional, motivates people by showing them that a positive state of mind is a choice. “Many times people get stuck in negative memories. This is called past oriented thinking. These negative experiences will create, if not properly handled, more future problems and a vicious cycle may occur,” said Peeters, a psychotherapist.

Physical therapist Tjitske “Jess” Vasilev, who together with Peeters, was a presenter for the “I love my body” workshop conducts her complementary Body Fit programme every Wednesday from 4:00pm to 5:00pm in St. John’s Gym.

The “Think positive” programme is funded by the Saba Government.

Suchita Peeters.
Suchita Peeters.
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