Friday , March 24 2023

House searched but no arrest made in Hector investigation

The Daily Herald reports that last Friday, five more detectives of the National Police Force of the Netherlands arrived on Saba to assist in the investigation of the homicide of 24-year old American student Kavya Guda of Saba University School of Medicine, who was found dead in her apartment in The Bottom on Wednesday, April 15.

On Tuesday, May 26, another dwelling was searched. No arrests have been made during the investigations as yet. Investigators of the Netherlands and Dutch Caribbean Police Force, with assistance from the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are still working on solving the case, which is codenamed “Hector.”

The extra manpower, which arrived on Friday, is needed to conduct, amongst other things, hearings of several witnesses on Saba. The FBI is assisting the investigation on American territory with hearings of witnesses as well.

According to Chief Prosecutor Henry Hambeukers, the cooperation between the Dutch investigators and the FBI is running smoothly. Recently, a telephone number has been released for acquiring additional information about the homicide. Hambeukers said he was pleased with the information that was gathered via this method. He said that in the interest of the investigation no information could be released with regard to the results and course of the investigation.

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