Sunday , October 1 2023

Delegation of Island Council meets with Saban students in The Netherlands

The Island Council is currently visiting The Netherlands. Click here to learn their objectives.

A delegation of the Island Council took the opportunity to meet with Saba students. Monique Wilson described her impression of this meeting with the following words: “Perseverant, dedicated and optimistic are just a few of the words I am can use to describe Saba’s students. Today the Island Council Members of Saba met with some of our students to explore with them their experiences and how we as government can support them. It was a knowledgeable session of which we explored the areas of progress and areas yet to be developed.

Saba has talent and I am excited for them and their futures. Keep striving for your goals and prove to yourself what you can achieve and be a role model to our fellow Sabans that you are your greatest promoter and this phase of life is worth it for your future.

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