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Gourmet Burger Day at The Bottom Bean

Coffee shop and lunchroom The Bottom Bean (The Bean) organised its first “Gourmet Burger Day” in The Bottom on Friday writes The Daily Herald.

Owner Paul Cizek decided it was time to give the community as well as the many medical students on the island a broader choice in the diversity of hamburger flavours. At 12:00pm the first beef patties went on the grill and before 4:00pm The Bean was completely sold out of gourmet burgers. Amongst the nine new hamburger additions is a spicy goat cheese burger with mango-chipotle sauce and “The English Patient,” which is a burger with apple- wood smoked bacon, blue cheese and port wine pickled onions.

Cizek introduced “Burger Night” once a week a year ago soon after he opened his business. The Monday nights were a big success from the start and nearly every evening he sold out all his burgers well before closing time. Because of this success it was only a matter of time before an expanded hamburger menu would be created and presented to the public.
Medical students of the nearby Saba University School of Medicine were unanimously pleased with the new burger additions. One student mentioned that he never experienced a hamburger this way and that the fries at The Bean were more tasty than those of the biggest hamburger chain in the world.

Two medical students showing their gourmet burgers and fries.
Two medical students showing their gourmet burgers and fries.

Cizek opened The Bottom Bean on April 18, 2014, and recently celebrated its first anniversary. “I am happy with the success that I created with my establishment, but I never planned on an anniversary celebration. The fact that people know where to find me and that I give them a place to relax and enjoy a frozen coffee or a soup of the day special is good enough for me,” Cizek said. The chef and entrepreneur, born in Texas, USA, first set foot on Saba in 2001. Cizek immediately fell in love with the island and its people and after numerous visits decided to live permanently on Saba in 2008. “The most popular burger sold on its first day was the Texan Burger, a hamburger with cheddar cheese, grilled onions and bourbon barbeque sauce,” Cizek said after an exhausting but satisfying first day with his new hamburger menu.

From now, it will be Gourmet Burger Day at The Bottom Bean every Monday and Friday, starting at 3:00pm.

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