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Police makes an arrest in the homicide case (updated)

A 27-year-old student of Saba University School of Medicine was arrested by the police on Monday in connection with the homicide of medical student Kavya Guda.

The police informed the media on Tuesday of the arrest of the Medical School student who resides in The Bottom, under suspicion of involvement in the homicide. Guda (24) was found dead in her apartment in The Bottom on Wednesday, April 15.

Investigators from the Netherlands, the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the United States are still working on solving the case, which is codenamed “Hector.” Several homes were searched in the investigations, most recently on Tuesday, May 2. According to Chief Prosecutor Henry Hambeukers in Bonaire, the suspect will be questioned in the coming days. Hambeukers said it is very likely the suspect will be sent to Bonaire, possibly later this week, because the facilities in Bonaire are better equipped for detention than those in Saba. Hambeukers assured The Daily Herald that the arrest was made with “utmost care” and after thorough investigations.

Source: The Daily Herald.


On Monday June 1st an arrest was made in the Hector investigation. A 27-year old student was arrested on Saba on suspicion of involvement in the death of the victim found in April.

In the framework of the investigation no further announcements will be made.

Press release RCN, June 2, 2015

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  1. I don’t like to make comparisons between the medical students and non-medical students here.
    However, if it had been a non-medical student their initials (at least) would have been released.
    A crime is a crime, no matter who is the victim or perpetrator. And I mean whether they are medical students or not, the crime is still the same and the consequences of such a crime should be the same as well. A medical student should not be afforded special circumstances or rights when/after committing a crime.

  2. Initial OE , feel better now

  3. What way the initials prove? As long as the police do there job and justice prevails so the family of that young girl can lay her to rest and try to heal and get closure is the main ting

    I just happy that a suspect is in custody and this sad chapter will hopefully soon ends

    My prayers is with her family and friends

    (Edited by Editor)

  4. It’s a shame he’s innocent and everyone’s time is being wasted great job saba and FBI for the poor investigating and the grief you are causing all the families

  5. If you know more than the cops Pink J, maybe you should speak up to the right people, and not over Saba News. Or, at least divulge how you know he’s innocent.

  6. Prisons are full of innocent people. The first thing everyone says is “I did not do it.” If you know something you should go to the police. He is probably your friend and it is natural to feel that way. If police did not have any evidence they would not make an arrest. I am just happy that this drama is over.

  7. The boyfriend did NOT kill his girlfriend, there’s no way! He was part of a study group prepping for exams. Sabapolice are trying to frame him out of laziness, it’s a coverup. I hope her boyfriend’s found innocent because it’s a well known fact he had nothing to do with her death. The killer is obv on the loose and police are under pressure to arrest anyone they think the charges will stick on. That university attracts foreign medical students which means $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ They don’t want a bad reputation so they sweep it under the rug.

  8. Wrong suspect, he’s a victim of police corruption trying to protect the school’s reputation.

  9. EXACTLY, her BF is innocent, at the library studying and has alibis to prove his whereabouts.

  10. Probably has but it’s getting swept under the rug to protect the school’s financial interests.

  11. He didn’t kill her, he has multiple alibis to prove it. He’s being victimized by police corruption under pressure to make a quick arrest so the school can continue to attract rich kids.

  12. I guess “Truth Seeker” is the culprit. So knowledgeable!


  13. He is just trying to create doubt so that the police can not do their job. On the morning of the murder the suspect has been seen running across the campus toward the hillside. The girl that saw him said that both him and his friend/roommate pressured her to stay quiet. If investigators did their job at the beginning, and did not let him run around for two months I am sure that people would came forward and testify. He presented himself as a victim to come close to witnesses and influence their statements. His friends that are helped him should be charged at least with the obstruction of justice. This spamming of the whole island has being going on since April and the police and school are not doing anything. Good job everyone!

  14. Was O.J.E dating Kavya? i would like to know please if they were dating and why SABA is so quiet on this qhole case

  15. It’s almost been a month since he was arrested. No news about what is happening after that?