Monday , February 26 2024

Opinion: SCS – Time for a No Confidence Vote

Dear Editor,

I’ve been sitting on the sidelines reading everyone’s comments to the recent article: Educational Innovation Leads to Success and I believe that we need to get our act together and register our comments directly with the decision makers who control Saba Comprehensive School: Saba Educational Foundation Board.

It’s pointless to spend time searching for the people who created the mess.   What’s really important is identifying the root cause of the problem and then we fix it.

 What’s the problem?

  • Transparency is lacking in the educational process on the Saba.
  • Intimidation and bullying need to stop at the school.
  • Better academic preparatory courses (including CARE) are needed.
  • Creation of a new and improved MBO program.

What’s the solution?

The educational meltdown began in April 2014. Teachers have protested, students have protested and parents have registered their opinions. Each group was dismissed by the former board however, there is a new board and its members are watching and listening. It’s obvious that school management does not have a road map; and the current director is directly responsible for current state of school.

You are the solution.  Ask yourself the question: Is SCS a better school than it was a year ago? Yes or no, you need to tell the board.

How do we fix the problem?

If you believe that the problems at SCS are insurmountable under the guidance of the current management then you must send an email to the board and register a no confidence vote. Tell the board that you have no confidence in the current director and school management to educate our children.

I know that you do not like to be told what to do. I know that you don’t like outsiders interfering but we need to admit that we are also afraid of retribution. Everyone works for someone who has the power to make your life miserable or the potential offender is relative. However, you need to stand up for our children.

Today, you must send an email to the board ( and tell its members what you expect from them. The school year is over and we need to tell them that we don’t want another year of the same.

Saba Educational Foundation Board Members:

Stacey Simmons (President)

LaToya Charles (Secretary)

Gied Mommers (Treasure)


Name withheld on request

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  1. I will sends them a message as things not good at that school and have been getting worse all year.

    Every week more stuff written about how bad things is going yet nobody seem to care

    All these stories and complaints yet people on this island still think God will take care of things well sometimes you just need to say what you have to say and they will be hearing from me

    If things are good then why all these stories and complaints all over Saba about the state of SCS this year. It can’t be denied no longer and must be corrected. Only man that ran that school good was Mr. Hemmie and its a disgrace how he been treated so seeing as he live on the island.

    Enough is enough and they will be hearing from me

  2. Another concerned parent

    Well I am not an outsider at all. I am proud to tell people I was born on Saba and have my children raised here on this beautiful rock. A place with to many options and possibilities, maybe different compared with other places, but having your son raising a goat and my daughter taking care of abandoned chicks, I only feel blessed to have this my island.
    Why do I tell you this? because I feel that each parents has a similar story to tell. A story where children are growing up in peace, safety and respect (in any way).

    The article about the SCS is in line with this. For many years we have seen our kids coming from Teacher Diane and moving to the “Big School”. The first year they need to adjust and slowly starting to get smell the coffee.
    But as a concerned parent I don’t like the coffee they serve at SCS. It is not about the sugar, milk of coffee they use but it is the mixture that doesn’t taste right.
    Therefore, if you have the same taste in your mouth that it doesn’t taste right and you have had better coffee somewhere else, I support this person’s request to send and email to the schoolboard that you need an other brand of coffee, different sugar or other milk to make the taste to fantastic that everyone in the SCS wants to taste that coffee.

    So please send your email if you like to change the taste and are not satisfied about the previous brewing. Together we can make the best coffee in the world, but we have to do this together, taking into consideration each other’s taste and preference.

    LET”S DO THIS. Send your email to the board how you like to have your coffee made and served.

  3. Now to all you complainers, to all your knowing things better, to those of you who are thinking that you have the wisdom how to run education, and for those of you who are serious about education, I would say, THIS IS YOUR MOMENT. No school board, no commissioner, no political party, no member of any organization, nor your boss or anybody else can influence you from this election, this vote. There will be no party members at the gate looking at you as if you committed a crime, there will be no campaigns on this. There will be no information sessions on this topic. There will be no fund raisers to get this thing off the ground.

    It just ask you to sent a short email to the board how you feel about education and it’s development. Do you agree with what is going on or do you like to see things different.

    I support this action whole heartedly since I believe that It it YOU the parents who can make a change in education. As long as you have the right vision and mission in min.
    We have stand for more difficult situations. Why not tackle this one and finish it for all?

    WE are born here, this is our place, this is our culture and we have to maintain this in our way, not by those strangers who know things better for us.

    So Let’s unite and bombard the school board members with what we want.,

    I will send mine now!!!!

  4. george k leverock

    I am not living there but i grew up there, i don’t have children either, but i am reading these opinions and can see and feel the frustration in these parents . It is suggested that you send in your opinions be email; but personally i believe your opinions will have a greater effect if you all got together, face to face with the school board and tell them your concerns. Have some one record what is said by the parents and the responses of the board. It is easier to dismiss a complaint by email than it is from face to face. don’t settle for a “Yes” answer, get solid answers and commitments. Do not let them put you off by taking a long time because in situations like this they can use time to wwear you down, get you frustrated and lose hope and give up. It is a tactic used by people in authority, so you as parents have to be more consistant and persitan than they are lax. It is the future of your children thartt you are fighting for and you have to stand and fight for them.

  5. Yes I hope the parents are reading and adhering to what you all says instead of written under assume names and making remarks, I have sent in my email asking for the board to meet with parents…Take the opportunity PARENTS it is for your good

  6. Drs René Caderius van Veen

    If there are any complaints about the school, it is the so called “Medezeggenschapsraad” that is in charge to voice this.

    Shortened by editor

  7. Sir, you have no children here so you not affected by all the confusion at SCS this year. Beside you’re friends with this new boss man so it’s clear you’re not being unbiased. I am not a friend of Mr. Hemmie but as a parent I sticks up for my kids and what was done wrong at the school.
    (Shortened by editor)