Friday , December 1 2023

Police made arrests on Saba

On Saturday May 30th , the patrol of KPCN on Saba was called to a bar/restaurant located in Windwardside for a problem between a couple. At the arrival of the patrol, a man with the initials A.C.M.,  was caught being abusive to his wife and was taken into custody. After investigation he was released pending his appointment in court the next day.

On Sunday May 31st  , the KPCN department on Saba also received a call where a female had allegedly threatened a couple with a machete. When the patrol responded to this call, a woman with initials C.D.H. was taken into custody. The machete was also seized. The police is conducting this investigation and will hand it over to the public prosecutor for the further handling of this case.

Press release KPCN

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