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Statia's Mega D on Saba for three-day workshop at EC2

Youth educator and motivator Dion “Mega D” Humphreys from St. Eustatius came to Saba Wednesday through Friday on the invitation of Expertise Centre Education Care EC2 to motivate and inspire children with special talents and interests, writes The Daily Herald.

Humphreys was accompanied by Statia youth Gerson Herrera. Together, they worked with a group of around 20 children from Sacred Heart School (SHS), Saba Comprehensive School (SCS) and the Second Chance Education Programme on Saba.

On Wednesday and Thursday, workshops were given in small groups and individually. Music and music videos were produced with the children being the biggest stars. Also drama, meditation and puzzles were among activities these days. On Friday, Humphreys and Herrera gave a special performance to children of SHS and SCS filled with songs and performances.

Dion “Mega D” Humphreys (right) and Gerson Herrera performing at the school grounds in St. John’s.
Dion “Mega D” Humphreys (right) and Gerson Herrera performing at the school grounds
in St. John’s.

EC2 Director Henriette C. van Heijnsbergen said these days were a “huge success” and that a follow-up is already being discussed. “From my own experience, I can say that the children involved with Mega D over the past few days have received an enormous confidence boost. We stimulate the children mentally and physically. Our goal is to give these individuals more positive values and energy which they can use in and around the school,” Van Heijnsbergen explained.

Humphreys was also pleased with the results. The last time he was on Saba was in 2012. Humphreys said he loves the island and hopes to come back soon. “The key is to influence children with positive thinking and building selfconfidence at a young age,” he explained.

Mega D runs an after school programme and educates children in Statia about the many pitfalls in life, as well as teaching them they are masters of their own future. “Music is a great way to reach out to children. Saba is already doing a lot in this field by programmes such as the Lion King and the Djembé drums group. We are brainstorming about another visit to Saba. Someday we would like to have a permanent motivator on Saba,” Humphreys concluded.

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