Monday , May 29 2023

Students meet with Island Council in The Hague

 The Island Council members met with a group of thirteen students in The Hague. The time was used to get to know everyone personally and know exactly what everyone is busy with at the moment.
Island Council meets students in The Hague. (Photo Nataly Linzey) (
Island Council meets students in The Hague.
(Photo Nataly Linzey) 

The students reminded the council about each and every promise that was made to them in last year’s meeting. However, up until to this day, nothing has been done. The promise has been made to do something with the requests of the students and they will keep them accountable. Aside from that it has also been agreed to have more regular and direct contact, not just once a year.

Nearly all students reported that they have had difficulties because they were not properly prepared for living in Holland. They are of the opinion that improved preparation of the students that will leave for The Netherlands this year, require better preparation.

Often money is a big issue. For instance, many students did not realize the impact of the own risk excess of 375 euro for the cost of health care. They need to be much better informed before going abroad.

Nearly all students had problems in finding suitable accommodation. It is a complex process in which one has to find his or her way through multiple rules and waiting lists.

(Photo Nataly Linzey)
(Photo Nataly Linzey)

The promising impression was that, this time, it it seemed “no business as usual” kind of vibes. The students showed the island council that Saba too, has students capable of excelling!


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