Wednesday , February 21 2024

Opinion: ZVK is acting unprofessional

Dear Editor,

Saba news doesn’t ask whats on your mind, but I will say whats on my mind: Unprofessional-ism @ ZVK

I was contemplating writing this because what is the sense sometimes but I said why not let me voice me grievances.
People do complain about ZVK and now I understand and feel their concerns. There is no equal treatment for patients traveling abroad. Some do have to wait an eternity to hear when is they have to travel while other “special people” GET TO CHOOSE WHEN THEY WANT TO GO.
How fortunate for the ones who can make their own schedule and ZVK will work around that and how sad when others gets roughed up and insulted on the phone by some of ZVK’s uncouth workers. I can go on and on about ZVK and their wrongdoings but I won’t waste much of my time.
Good for the ones that can use their “medical referral trips to Colombia” as a planned and combined family vacation . Yes you heard me correct! It pays to have alter ego’s (meaning BFF’s working at ZVK.) Only time will bring everything to a grinding halt and for those unfortunate ones guess you got to take it how they dish it out until that department is brought under higher supervision.

Name withheld on request.

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  1. Drs René Caderius van Veen

    Could it be that the differences have nothing to do with the popularity of the patient or so, but with a waiting list from a certain specialist or in general whether that specialist is available or not? Is there evidence about patients that have been insulted? Is there sometimes a background for being treated in a special way?

  2. sick and tired of people talking crap

    Saba people beed to stop complaining about bullshit for the size of saba we have the best healthcare in the world . Some pompous pricks on saba like to voice there idotic opinions just to get a little atention did not get enough growing up. if persons pay for a ticket on there own for there family to accompany them on there trip that is the patiants decision about spending there money to spend time with there family If something is not your business leave it alone get over yourself and get a life

  3. Every one know this is so and many of them people in the government building been using this as an expenses paid vacation for a few years. When one relative ill, they all figure out a way to go and meet up in Colombia. One whole family was over here when a hotel burned yet because she work in the government nobody say a thing, yet she be the first person to throw rocks at others. God sees all and they deceit and lies is going to cost it for all of us but as the old book say God he be a vengeful God and I hopes they all be avenged for their wrongdoing and crookedness.