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Evaluation new constitutional structure of Caribbean Netherlands on schedule.

On 12 June the evaluation committee informed its mandators about the research being carried out. During this mandator consultation, the visit of the researchers to the islands in April was one of the topics which was discussed. The mandators were also updated on the upcoming visit of members of the committee to the islands in June.

In the coming period the evaluation committee will analyse the results of the three researches into the functioning of the legislation, the functioning of the governmental structure and the consequences of the transition for the population. The committee will draw up its own evaluation report on the basis of this analysis.

Evaluation Committee meeting - June 2015
Evaluation Committee meeting – June 2015

The members of the committee will visit the islands late June on the basis of the first research results. The objective of this visit is to find a further deepening in some areas and to talk to the local population about their personal experiences since 10-10-10.
The evaluation committee will offer its final results to the mandators by 10 October 2015 at the latest. So far the activities of the committee are on schedule.


The independent evaluation committee investigates the consequences of the new constitutional structure of the Caribbean Netherlands in 2010. The research focuses on three topics: the functioning of the legislation; the functioning of the governmental structure; the consequences of the transition in 2010 for the populations of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba.
The evaluation is performed by order of the constitutional affairs commissioners of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba and, on behalf of the Minister, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations.

Your experience

The mandators hope that the inhabitants and organisations will cooperate in the evaluation by sharing their experiences with the evaluation committee. This is possible until 1 August 2015 via the website of the committee:

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  1. Jennifer johnson

    Since 10 10 10 has Caused Everyone’s concerns of the New laws of the exception of our medical care . Sabans Feel that Holland is taking over the rights of the Sabans! We the people of Saba Has consitional rights! Please give them time to explain their concerns,

    Thank you

    Jennifer johnson