Thursday , December 7 2023

Opinion: Court case SEF

Dear Editor,

On Friday June 12th the three ex-teachers and ex director finally had their court case against the SEF (Saba Educational Foundation). This is the foundation that did not renew their contracts for unknown reasons. I understand that during the hearing no ex-school board member was present, nor was Mr. Oleana, representative of OCW-BES present. He had to take an earlier flight home.This is based on the information presented by the Court in St. Maarten.

But I understand that the current SCS director, Mr. Hermans was present and was accompanying the SEF Lawyer. Together they formed the opposition against the teacher’s lawyer, Ms. Cindy Marica, Mr Terry Cunnningham and Mr. Hemmie van Xanten.

It surprises me completely that the current school board allowed Mr. Hermans a day off, just to be present during the court case, a case which is related to June 2014, before he came here, and has nothing to do with him. Why was he allowed to represent SEF and support the SEF lawyer? Why were the previous board members of SEF not present during this meeting to support their actions?

I understand that the Judge will rule on June 26th this month. We will see what comes out of this saga.

Saba Guru

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  1. Well I shall say this again that justice will be serve and I hope it serve cold to that school board. Last year they took advantage of they position and what they did affected all and still does. SCS is not the same school it was under Mr. Hemmie and not for the better.

    Them teachers and Mr. Hemmie should be compensated for that boards crookedness and this new board better start looking at this new director as many not happy with he and now Coach Derek leaving and it don’t take a doctor to figure outs why.

    Them good teachers needs to speak out as they made that school and work hard and not bein shown any respect.

    Mr. Hemmie need to be brought back to fix this mess

  2. Saba Guru,
    If I was mr Hemmie I would not go back to the School. Yes! They all want him back but Honestly i would not go back…too much damage has been done to his name…Don’t you think that the Education Department know too well what is going on, Right now they gave the Principal ALL Rights, What is the reason for a school board if you gave ALL rights/ All Decision making to the principal..yet something to look into….I am sure the Education Department on Saba know too well what is going on, as I am sure when the time arrives they will send their kids out of Saba for higher education and NOT to SCS..Only time will tell and I hope something is done before time tells because it will be worse than when Mr Hemmie was there..