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Sabans and Statians residing in the Netherlands encouraged to partake in group discussion in The Hague

Stichting Ocan is urging youngsters who have ties to the islands of Saba and Statia and who currently reside in the Netherlands to partake in a group discussion in which they have the opportunity to voice their opinion on current affairs within the Kingdom of the Netherlands and make known their vision for the Kingdom. The group discussion has been organized together with the directorate of Kingdom Relations of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties) and is slated for the 23rd of June 2015 at 3 p.m. at said ministry.

The group discussion follows sessions already held with the remaining four islands of the Dutch Caribbean in May and June of this year. The composition of the groups have thus far been diverse; from students who have recently moved to the Netherlands, to professionals, to persons who were born and raised in The Netherlands – both who travel to the islands frequently and infrequently. What the participants all have in common are ties to the islands and a displayed interest in keeping abreast of the developments on their respective islands.

A registration form together with an impression of previous group discussions can be found HERE .

OCAN group photo SXM event 2015
Group photo of the Ministry Director and OCAN chairman from the event with St. Maarten participants. (Photo OCAN)

The directorate of Kingdom Relations director Erwin Arkenbout is interested in hearing directly from the Dutch Caribbean community what its views on the Kingdom are, how it keeps abreast of developments within the Kingdom and what its outlook is for the Kingdom. The group discussions take place in an informal and open setting where participants are free to introduce their own topics. Ocan considers this session to be a golden opportunity to not only let the Ministry get closer to the people, but also the people to get closer to the Ministry. Both the directorate and Ocan feel that it is imperative that all islands have the opportunity to be represented. Persons who have partaken in the sessions in May and June of this year have been provided with further understanding and new insights into the workings of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.

About Ocan

Stichting Ocan’s core activities are consultancy, advocacy and recruitment within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Board of Directors consists of Glenn Helberg (chairman, acting treasurer), Chris Frans (deputy chairman, secretary), Rigobert Nivillac (member). The bureau consists of Jane Martie-Chatlein (interim manager), Rebeca Juaquin (administrative clerk), Tatiana Senior (staff member), Eunelda Cario (human rights law specialist) and Xavier Donker (communications advisor). Stichting Ocan knows an extensive network within the Dutch Caribbean community and institutions., +31 70-380.33.01.

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