Thursday , December 7 2023

Nolly Oleana succeeds Hans Kuilder as manager RCN/OCW

It is with pride that Department Head Hans Kuilder from the Caribbean Netherlands part of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (RCN/OCW) transfers the management of this department to Reynolds (Nolly) Oleana.

Nolly Oleana has been working for RCN/OCW since May 2011, in the last two years as the Deputy Head. From a selection procedure with candidates from the European as well as the Caribbean Netherlands, Nolly emerged as the best candidate for this position. Nolly is a well-known person in the education field on the islands. He started his career as a teacher of Mathematics and Chemistry at the Scholengemeenschap Bonaire (SGB), where he subsequently held various management positions. During the period in which he was politically active, he held the position of Minister of Education for the Dutch Antilles and Commissioner of Education for Bonaire. OCW is convinced that, considering his ample knowledge of education and his broad network, Nolly is the right person to further steer the department in its contribution to the realisation of the improvement trajectories in Caribbean Netherlands education.

Press release RCN

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  1. Why this man nobly rewarded with a promotion when it was announce in the Daily Herald that the school in Bonaire in millions in debt under him this year. No wonder the schools in the kingdom in such bad shape and SCS in such a bad way. Put the worse people in and then give them promotions. After OCW ignore us parents last year and showed arrogance toward us, despite that also making the papers this man still promoted. Makes no sense and he so crooked he could hide behind a corkscrew

  2. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Nolly Oleana on his promotion as Manager of OCW. The ministry of Education could not have selected a better person.
    I know that you will make the BES islands very proud. Keep up the great work that you do Mr. Oleana.

  3. Yes you keep putting the education and schools in the BES islands in more debt and then force the Dutch to come over and clean up your mess. No wonder the Dutch treats us so!

  4. Another concerned parent

    Dear editor,

    Please allow me some space to thank Mr. Kuilder for everything he did not do for Saba.
    I hope he will be more successful when he is back among his own people.

    For Mr. Oleana, I can only hope that he finally will get some wisdom and knowledge and put his ego aside and use the given wisdom and knowledge for our students and not for his self esteem. Mr. Oleana please grow up and become a mature adult who has the children and the school at heart and forget about your career and image. You have created that already. Now it is time to show guts and will power to improve education on the BES.

    Thank you