Monday , February 26 2024

Opinion: OCW representation on BES lacks quality

Dear editor,

Thanks to your medium we all know now that Hans Kuilders is no longer the OCW representative on the BES islands. This actually means that the over 12 complaints made by teaching and non-teaching staff in 2012/2013 at the labor office on Saba, and reported to Mr. Kuilders, have probably ended in the garbage bin. A right to file a complaint against your employer was not taken seriously by Mr. Kuilders and his OCW department.

Complaints from teachers, letters signed by students and letters signed by parents were handed over to Mr. Kuilders and most likely ended in the same garbage bin.

Mr. Kuilders was fully aware of the problems at SCS but choose to stay neutral and reside on Bonaire instead of coming to Saba to solve the problems.

This brings me to his successor Mr. Oleana. Mr. Oleana was fully aware of what was going on at the SCS. But he chooses the same attitude as Kuilders, struisvogelpolitiek. “If you do not know it, you don’t have to do anything about it”.

Since 2012, Mr. Oleana tried to be the big shot, the one who had made it and had the knowledge in his pocket. He was the God Almighty for the ex-school board members since he tried to be the innovator, the improver and above all the most important person to deal with when it concerns education. He has kept this image and fooled many with this. Also in the past when he was working for the SGB.

Actually Mr. Oleana’s record as HAVO director at the SGB is deplorable. His few months in parliament shows mainly his absence and no contribution to any innovation towards education. His political background will favor those who fit his program. If not, he makes sure that you will be out.

As OCW representative he continued his performance described above. With other words a lot of BS but no solutions. Did he ever have the students at heart? Did he ever take the school as an institute serious? Did he ever show solidarity with the parents on Saba? I am sorry to say but his personality and political drive has been far more important than education in all its facets.
Because of his wonderful non-performance he has now been promoted by OCW. Makes me wonder how serious we have to take OCW nowadays if they decide to put a clown at this position. But maybe it are the clowns that makes education a selling product. After all clowns can fool anyone.

Saba Guru

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  1. Mr. Editor,
    What is Sabaguru’s problem? All his complaining aint going to change the fact that Nolly Oleana is the new manger of OCW. It is what it is.

    Shortened by editor

  2. He has no problem but it people that just sit by and complain but refuse to do anything that has the problem Saba Guru simply telling it how it is.
    We all know its true and OCW are responsible for all this mess and confusion this year at the school. Because of them now I can’t leave at the end of this week with my kids on vacation as the schools on different holiday breaks as they extend SCS holidays last year to try to get all those new teachers here on time which they were not able to do anyway.
    They lie and disrespect us parents and the community. We is the tax payers with kids at the school and without we then he not have any job. He need to remember that he need to answer to us the parents and not ben the rules to serve heself and his own political climb. Yes i’s pissed off as everyone just roll over and plays dead well not me and I will speaks out when I need to do so. He told that last board to get rid of Mr. Hemmie and everyone know it so and look at the mess it all in yet they promotes this man.
    (Shortened by editor)

  3. Agreed Saffy, it seems they do not want anyone to talk about the issue at hand with Mr. Oleana. what Saba Guru is saying have truth, not nonsense and he is not complaining.
    (Shortened by Editor)

  4. george k leverock

    I am not living there so maybe my opinion will have no weight but, you don’t have to live in Alaska to know what cold is. Something has to be wrong for people to start complaining so vigorously. If the Parents know that the man in charge does not have the best interest of their children at heart, then yes they need to speak out and also act. Sabaguru is keeping a concern alive and hopefully ALL the parents will come together and take the necessary action to ensure that their children get a great and well deserved education. It is their taxes that are paying for the officials in charge, the so called professionals to develop programs that ensure the best education for their children. It is not going to happen if you quit speaking out because you were denied or ignored before you have to continue to speak out and take action; it is the only way you will ever get CHANGE.