Wednesday , March 22 2023

Island Council attends Local Democracy Development Training

Recently all members of the Island Council of The Public Entity Saba traveled to the Netherlands to attend, amongst others, a workshop/study day called D1000.


Photo: Nico van der Ven.
Photo: Nico van der Ven.

During this D1000 study day the island council members together with more than 750 colleagues, mayors, commissioners, employers and inhabitants were inspired to think about local democracy and developed initiatives that can lead to the development of a strengthened local democracy.

The purpose for the workshop is that the local democracy faces pressures from different sides. Next to different tasks for the municipalities and pressure on the traditional parties, the community has different expectations of the structure of representative democracy in a time where new forms of sharing information is getting more and more important. The population is expected to do more and more tasks themselves and from the government it is expected that the population gets the opportunity to shape the community according to their own wishes.

The program inspired the island council and helped them in their development of the changing role of the island council in a changing society.

Source: Saba Government Information Service.

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  1. Drs René Caderius van Veen

    Good idea for the Executive Council as well?