Wednesday , February 8 2023

Island Government to host island-wide cleanup

The Public Entity Saba will be hosting an Island-Wide Cleanup on Tuesday, June 30th.

The purpose of the cleanup is to pick up trash that has accumulated in hard to reach areas and also to bring attention to the problem of littering on the island. Participating in the cleanup will be civil servants, students of the Saba Comprehensive School , NGO’s and interested residents that would like to be part of the activity.

Participants during last year's Island Wide Cleanup
Participants during last year’s Island Wide Cleanup

Last year a cleanup was held and participants and organizers were surprised by the amount of garbage that was collected. Areas that were of particular concern were below the walls outside of the villages where they found quite an amount of discarded beverage containers and cigarette butts which have been thrown from automobiles. The government is currently working on legislation to discourage and punish this behavior.

The cleanup will start at the Tourist Bureau at 7:00am. From this location persons will be grouped together and will then disperse throughout the island’s four villages to collect the unsightly litter. Persons, businesses and organizations that are interested in participating can contact the Tourist Office at 416 2231 or walk into the office where there is a signup sheet.

After the cleanup there will be lunch provided for all participants at the Cove Bay.

Source: Saba Government Information Service.

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  1. The Crispeen trail, behind the Midway Bar, is a mess. Bottles, cans and other trash is in need of proper disposal.
    Thank You volunteers.