Saturday , February 4 2023

Detention of Hector suspect prolonged by another 30 days

Over the weekend, The Daily Heralds writes, Chief Prosecutor of Bonaire Henry Hambeukers, announced that the provisional detention of the suspect who was arrested on June 1 will be prolonged by another 30 days.

This is the latest development after the magistrate extended the suspect’s detention by eight days twice before. Hambeukers said the investigation is still ongoing and that so far no further comments can be made. The Chief Prosecutor also mentioned that the international cooperation between the different investigative departments is going well.

The Canadian suspect with the initials O.J.E. was arrested by the police on Saba, he was transferred on June 3 to St. Eustatius, the following day he was moved to Bonaire. The 27 year old male suspect, until recently living in The Bottom and studying at the Saba University School of Medicine, was arrested on suspicion of involvement in homicide.

A 24 year old female medical student with the initials K.G. of the Saba University School of Medicine was found dead in her apartment in The Bottom on Wednesday April 15.

Investigators from the Netherlands and from the Dutch Caribbean Police Force with assistance from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, United States) are still working on solving the case, codenamed “Hector.” The team of investigators who were conducting their research on Saba has left the island Sunday, June 21.

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  1. Please explain how they can keep extending the detention without charging the person with a crime. How long can they continue to remand him to custody without charging him with anything? Also I see you make no mention of the ongoing email sarga.

  2. If there’s a chance that the suspect would leave the country, influence witnesses, or mess with evidence, provisional detention can be extended up to a year without any charges. That means he could stay arrested till 06/01/2016.
    Nothing is being said about the emails because then they would have to say that the emails had students personal information, which is not good for the school. It is schools fault that this drama is still going on. If they took more mature approach this could’ve been over back in April, but instead they decided to cover it up. I personally do not understand why would they do that. One bad student does not make the school look bad, but this covering up makes the SUSOM look really, really bad.

  3. So is this student guilty or not, could the killer still be out there. If they had the correct evidence they would have charged him by now. Surely there is DNA evidence.

  4. masterbaitersaba

    How did the school cover it up? Just curious.

  5. Saba new is the one that failed to write about it. I think the school too it to the authorities which is all the can do really. They should try to look at what firewalls they have in place, failing those two things they are pretty much victims in all this.

  6. Replay to everything.
    -Whose DNA are you talking about? Do you know that on that day anywhere between 20 and 30 people went into apartment and contaminated evidence? That seems a lot, but if you consider all of the students that went in, locals, paramedics, and cops that number becomes reality. Also, if apartment was not cleaned, or not cleaned well, you could find DNA of additional people. So, hair, fibers, and prints of at least 50 people could have been found. Proper police procedure is to secure the scene and take prints from everyone present just to rule them out, and make it easy to identify prints during processing. They did not do that. Additionally, I never saw it before that the evidence can be placed in a paper bag like the one you put groceries in back home, and I never saw it before that you work crime scene from the center. Everyone knows that you document everything from outside toward the middle, and the body is the last to be moved. On Saba body was the first to go. If we consider the breadth of experience that local police has investigating homicide, than it is safe to say that the police does not have any evidence. They are fishing for confession since nothing else will hold in court.
    -The university tried to cover up everything by telling students no to post anything on social media because google could pick it up, and some future student might not come here. Of course they said it is in interest of the investigation. So, basically they said that, not providing any leads is in interest of the investigation. Those who tried to speak up have been talked to. After I have pointed out obvious mistakes in the investigation, and I questioned universities approach to everything, they told me to “better watch out.” It sounded like they were saying if I do not stop they will accuse me.
    -I do not understand why everyone is looking for some megalomaniac with a cape when it comes to these emails. You all need to step back and look at everything logically. It is IMPOSIBLE to break into schools system. If there was someone on the island with that kind of capabilities the FBI and the NSA would be here, but not to arrest anyone but to make a job offer. With medical and dental included!
    The only way that someone could get students information is if someone gives them, or they steal someone’s user name and password. You can use fishing email and get info from every student individually. That takes time and I do not think that fishing emails have been used. What I think happened is that someone’s log in info was used. Could be faculty and administration log in; both have access to student id. Remember last year cheating scandal? Someone outgoing, friendly, and with reason to be at the right place at the right time could have an access to log in info. When it comes to motive we are talking about the oldest motives in the book. Even the good book talks about jealousy and rejection. If we consider jealousy as the motive then we are looking for a female. This is would be perfect crime because everyone thinks that girls are stupid when it comes to computers. Plus, all the emails were too vulgar for nice, motherly behavior that we all expect from a girl. If it is due to rejection then we are looking for someone who is good student, always surrounded by girls, but he never gets laid because all the girls see him as a friend or a brother. He probably stared medical school in a hope to get the girl. Both would always be ready to blame it on someone else, and always have a good explanation how everything could have happened. They have the answers! Also, they are right there as a shoulder to cry on, because seeing their victims broken makes them regain some of their comfort and worthiness they lost.

  7. Wow it sound like you been watching a lot of CSI but that all sound logical to me and i love them shows.

    I just want them to find out 100% who murder that poor child and who is sending these vulgar emails. Saba is a safe and beautiful island but if we covers stuff up or told to do so then it look like we is hiding something

    Lets hope that the FBI step in and solve the problem or better still we calls in that lady from Murder She Wrote to solve the case.

  8. I was talking about the DNA from the body. There was a rape so must be some DNA internally.

  9. Was there a rape? The police never said anything about rape. How would you know if there was one? It would be nice if you could share some info.

  10. Yes that poor girl was rape, bound and strangled in her room and nobody hears a thing
    if they have not charge this young man then I believe that maybe he might not be involve and they have no evidence. He should be charge by now if they had evidence

  11. 30+ days into detention and no news about whether he’s charged?