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Draw ‘Ministerplaats’ students Caribbean Netherlands

On Monday, June 29th , 2015 the draw was held for the ‘Ministerplaatsen’ available for the Caribbean Netherlands. Notary mr. Aniek Schouten conducted the draw in the presence of the students who had submitted a request for a ‘Ministerplaats’ and other guests.

The Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science, especially for students from Aruba, Curacao, St. Maarten and the Caribbean Netherlands, reserved some places, the so called ‘Ministerplaatsen’. These are awarded to students who are going to get an education in the Netherlands, for which there is a tender limitation (a draw). Often there are more students who want to qualify for a ‘Ministerplaats’ rather than there are ‘Ministerplaatsen’ available, which is why a draw has to take place too. This year was no exception.

The number of ‘Ministerplaatsen’ for prospective students from the Caribbean Netherlands, who wish to be placed within the Higher Professional Education (HBO) in the Netherlands totaled 4. There were a total of 6 candidates who entered the draw for HBO. Yulaykis Nicolaas, Victoria Cicilia, Jonathan Cranston and Revinio Marsdin are the ones who received a ‘Ministerplaats’ through draw.

The same number of ‘Ministerplaatsen’ is reserved for prospective students who wish to be placed within the scientific education (WO) in the Netherlands. There were a total of 3 candidates who entered the draw for the WO. (Name names) Rayson Thodé, Sabrina Martijn and Edrieënna Brandao are the ones who were assigned a ‘Ministerplaats’ for the WO.

Those who wanted to qualify for a ‘Ministerplaats’, had to submit a written request mentioning the training , for which a draw is necessary, to the department of Studiefinanciering, Caribisch Nederland, with or without the intervention of the Ministry of Education (OCW).

Allocation of the ‘Ministerplaatsen’ always takes place, after all the examination results are known.

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