Friday , March 1 2024

Opinion: the use of Facebook by some individuals on Saba

Dear Editor,

Facebook should be a social media where you communicate with long lost friends, share your views on topics, post your and your families pictures in order that your contacts can view them. Facebook should be used in a positive manner. However more and more we see how people are taking pictures of others in sometimes the most provocative, vulgar, not such nice positions, intoxicated manners and uploading them on facebook. Oftentimes I doubt that the ones of whom pictures are being taken realize they will be highlighted on someone’s facebook page.

I know many will be quite upset with this article and would probably say ” If they don’t want to be snapped then they should not be carrying on like they are. Indeed that is true however, everyone’s “business” is their own and how every they want to carry off in a disco, bar, in a jump up or where ever else the fact remains it is still there business and YOU and I have no rights to take pictures of no body and upload them (that is seen as invading someone’s privacy). Lets start respecting others. whatever they do is their business and not yours. I am sure that if the tables we turned YOU would not appreciate it.

Thank you for considering my article Mr. Editor.

Name withheld on request

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  1. Think someone has something to hide.? If u don’t want ur pic taken I think you can ask for it not to be taken n who cares wa a person is doin, jus like you said it’s no ones business so why is it your business that pictures are been taken? I am saban and jus like I am sayin somethin I think tha ppl that pictures are been taken of would say son as well if not its cuz they know it’s gonna happen.! We live in ah media covered world everything is cought on ah camera.!