Saturday , September 30 2023

Public prosecutor revises statement about Aruban holidaymaker’s death

Dutch News reports that the public prosecution department has issued a revised statement about the death of a 42-year-old holidaymaker in The Hague at the weekend, which no longer states he became ill while in the back of a police car.

Mitch Henriquez was arrested at the Night in the Park concert and died in hospital on Sunday.

The new statement comes after several video clips emerged showing Henriquez, apparently unconscious and being dragged into the back of a van. According to the revised public prosecution department statement, Henriquez shouted that he had a gun, prompting police to take action.

He is said to have resisted arrest, leading police to ‘use violence’ against him. ‘What happened then is now being investigated,’ the revised statement said. ‘The man died in hospital on Sunday June 28 and a post mortem has been ordered. Eyewitnesses said Henriquez was fooling around with friends and police asked him to quieten down. Shortly afterwards, four police officers ‘jumped on his neck’, one eyewitness, named as Wendy, said. The family are appealing for eyewitnesses and people who filmed the incident to come forward, as are the police.


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