Tuesday , February 7 2023

Small Batch introduces natural food products

A line of natural food products was introduced on Wednesday at Breadline Plaza in Windwardside, writes The Daily Herald. They are sold under the company name “Small Batch,” and thus far include products, such as roasted garlic aioli, mammy apple hot sauce and “Ruba- dub” rib rub meat spices.

Kelly “Lemon McCartney” Parker giving taste samples to customers.
Kelly “Lemon McCartney” Parker giving taste samples to customers.

Brand-new Small Batch Company is owned and managed by Ecolodge’s managers Keith Murphy and Kelly Parker. They will introduce a line of skincare products within a couple of weeks as well. Even though Small Batch is their company name, Murphy and Parker each produce their own line of organic products.

Since Murphy is a classically trained chef in French cuisine, he is and will be producing food products under the name “Loco Ono”. Kelly, on the other hand, is a yoga instructor and massage therapist and learned many years ago how to make skincare products from all-natural ingredients, which include shea butter and natural oils amongst other things. His line of skincare products and soaps will be sold under the name “Lemon Mc- Cartney”.

The duo wish to market their products mainly on Saba, but especially regarding the skincare products, they plan to market on St. Maarten and other surrounding islands as well. “We don’t want to massproduce any of our products, hence the name Small Batch. We are about quality over quantity,” Parker said. He plans to sell his products to high-end hotels and resorts.

“My all natural “soul scrubs” are blended based on the yoga system. Based on chakras, they associate with the glands and organs within the body,” Parker explained.

Both Lemon McCartney and Loco Ono use natural ingredients literally found in their back yard. Some ingredients come from local farmers, and occasionally some are brought in from Dominica.

The new businessmen were pleased with the introduction of their food products on Wednesday and will be introducing their skincare products there as well shortly.

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