Wednesday , February 1 2023

Government hires students over Summer holidays

The Executive Council of The Public Entity Saba has hired seven students to work for the organization during the summer break.

Students and Department Heads with which they will be working during the summer.
Students and Department Heads with which they will be working during the summer.

The students are all returning from overseas for the summer holiday and sent in applications while at school seeking employment when they returned home.
The island government decided that providing employment for the students was an opportunity for the students to gain some work experience that is valuable for when they graduate. It is also a chance to give them insight into the operational aspects of government, while stimulating interest in working for government in the future.
The students will be working in various departments within the government that are related to their studies and will be assisting with the tasks that are executed there.

Press release Government Information Service.

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  1. Excellent initiative on the part of island government.

  2. It is about time that the government gets involved with the students, hopefully they realize now that these students who are in the process of obtaining their education have very little job opportunities on the island should they choose to return. More brain drain of the island if government does not recognize the importance of working together with the private sector.