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Opinion: Dutch Influence on Saban Education

Dear Editor,

We all witnessed the changes after 10-10-10. In order to evaluate the changes after 10-10-10 an evaluation committee has been appointed for us to check on the changes and which impact they have on us.

Well let me just bring in my part on this.


Both schools on St. John’s have gone through a number of Dutch changes which should bring them more to a Dutch standard. SHS is according to my sources on the right tract, but is still missing the consistency and continuation in their curriculum needed to guarantee continues education.

The SCS has been struggling this year with more disappointments than successes. The school is in a deplorable condition staff wise and the support and believe in the Director is down to zero. The school has lacked to show any development according to inspection reports, and the constant bittering among staff members against the director have resulted in a vote of no confidence in him. The director of SCS decided to bring in a DUTCH expert to have a two day workshop with the teachers who later complained that this was all old stuff they had done in the past already. Talking about MONEY and Dutch influence?

Lately the director of SKJ brought in an expert on IT EXCEL computer techniques. Nice, very nice, but DO WE NOT HAVE THESE EXPERTS ON THE ISLAND? Another example of talking about MONEY and looking good to the Dutch?

The SKJ keeps scraping youngsters to join the program but actually end up with those students who have no way out than just join the SKJ. It is a miracle that they still exist seen the zero drop out at the SCS. To me, an institute that needs to be in place since we are under Holland, but actually a dumping pot for money and a cover-up for those people who are given a second change. In my opinion give them a real second change instead of playing school with these adults without having the professional background in education. In my opinion, just a waste of money and time. If our educational system should function properly, we should not talk about drop outs or “they missed the boat”. Our educational system should cater for all students on the island and an SKJ would be not necessary. I am curious to know who are the board members of this foundation, and therefore responsible, who take these actions and can justify them to the public? Again A DUTCH initiative that needs to succeed.

This brings me to the expertise center on St. Johns. A center where schools can buy expertise based on the choice and availability of the director. With her diagnostic conclusion, she, the director decides what is good for your school and which expect should be hired to eliminate the problems. I am curious who the board members of this foundation are and who gives the director the full authority to act and handle to her liking? Does this sound familiar with the above? Dutch influence?

Serious money is spent on consultants to teach our professionals and students what they have heard already years ago. Nothing new. Just the same old shit and they get paid for it enormously.

Staffing at the SCS is an always hot issue. Who will teach my son/daughter next year? We all know that the gym coach has left due to internal problems with management team of the SCS. WE also know that the Math teacher is leaving and that her lessons will be covered now in the lesson plan of the business teacher and someone else. Why do I state this? Because a few years ago it was OCW who approved a grant to improve mathematics on Saba. Mr. Wagenaar came and did what he could do. But the main objective was to IMPROVE the mathematics on both schools.

Now they want to bring this subject under non-mathematics teachers? Where are we going with this school? What does the board think of this? What does N. Oleana think of this? What does the Inspection/OCW think of this? Is this a tactical move by the director to show OCW that he indeed decreases the number of staffing as requested? If so, the director should be interrogated about his actions and handling since this will jeopardize the student’s further education.

Why do I write this all down? Because most of you do not know these things. You will hear them after a while when it already has affected your child’s education.  I know that I care for education and that this is not the way it is supposed to be. It is about money and power and not about our children’s’ wellbeing. Nor Island Government, nor executive council, nor Dutch Government, nor OCW BES, nor OCW Netherlands, nor State secretary Dekker, cares for our youth. If they don’t, then it is about time to call on the last resort we have; time to call on Gied, La-Toya and Stacey to jump in and set the school on the rails again. Just do it yourself without even asking the officials because they just care about money and power. I sincerely believe that you have your heart at the right place and believe in education for our students. So TAKE ACTION NOW!!

Saba Guru

(shortened by editor)

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  1. I ask for a meeting with the board and the Director and nobody return my request. SCS going to hell and our kids is the ones suffering with poor education and teachers. I hope that business teacher is not teaching math as my child failed business along with most of the class. Hmmmm maybe it not the kids fault but the teacher who refuses to use text books and just hands out work sheets with no explanation. What kind of teaching is this and now he may teach math hmmmm.

    Last year all the teachers let go was good teachers and worked for a good director who was respected by the island. This year they keeps bad teachers and this new boss man that refuse to sit with parents and I hear first hand is disliked by most of the teachers. How can SCS make any progress. To me it sound like a sinking ship and my children will not go down with it. Maybe that the Dutch plan to make the school such a mess that they close it down and then our kids have to go off island.

    Something must be done as our little island can’t have another year like last and neither can SCS. They is the future of Saba

  2. Sitting on the Sidelines

    Dear Saffy & Other SCS Parents,
    The board refuses to be transparent. The board refuses to meet with you and the other parents to discuss your concerns. We all know the problems at the school: CXC, MBO, unqualified teachers, CARE, students are having trouble furthering their education in The Netherlands, US and Canada and the list goes on.
    Parents have “legal standing” to sue Saba Educational Foundation and to force change.
    You DON’T need a group of parents to sue the board. You do need ONE parent contacting a lawyer with the necessary information and filing a lawsuit. The process is very simple. A lawsuit can be filed in a matter of days.
    If a majority of the parents joined together then you could have a “class action” lawsuit which is even bigger than one parent suing.
    What do you achieve if you win your case? You will be able to change the structure of the school. You will ensure that it becomes transparent. You will make it more inclusive. You will be able to influence, in fact force a change, in the curriculum: elimination of CXC and better preparation of SCS students to go to university in the Netherlands, US or Canada. You will make the school more responsive to you the parent.

  3. Well a lawsuit might be the way to go and we shall see what happen with this lawsuit of the teachers that was let go and Mr. Hemmie as i hear that decision has yet to be announce. They deserve to be compensated for the wrong doing.
    The previous board should be sued for hurting our kids education and SCS and destroying peoples livelihood. Hmmmmm if it were me I would sue each of them individually by name. Tired of all this family drama on this little island and times have change and there is no room for personal vendettas and power as outside of this little island they look like fools and hopefully will in the court of law which I hope throw the dam book at all involve in this confusion and mess. Our kids is the ones hurting from all the wickedness.
    (Shortened by editor)