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Internet domain names with extension .AN will stop by July 31st , 2015

Because the Antilles were dismantled as a separate country, agreements were made on the abolishment of all internet domain names with extension .AN (Antilles).

Initially this was going to take into effect by October 31st , 2014. At the request of stakeholders that date was postponed to July 31st , 2015. In this way the domain name holders had more time to switch to other domain names.

Eventually it will be considered whether it is economically feasible to give out the reserved domain extension for Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba, namely .BQ. A decision has not been taken yet in this matter.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs once again likes to bring to the attention that everyone (businesses, organizations, individuals) who has an .AN extension behind the domain name on internet services, such as websites and email addresses, has to change the domain name extension. This will ensure that services continue to function as of July 31st , 2015 when the domain .AN is stopped and is no longer accessible.

More information can be obtained from the provider where the website is hosted, or the administrator issuing the .AN domain names:

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