Wednesday , October 4 2023

Student Support Group Saba creates Facebook page

Three Saban students have formed a support group in particular for students from Saba who are already studying in Holland or are planning to go there shortly.

One of the founders is Nataly Linzey. In 2011 she went to Netherlands all by herself. “As a ‘free-mover’ I understand now how difficult it is to adapt to a new environment and to to find out by everything myself.” This is why she and fellow students Cisely Wilson and Solange Wilson decided to set up the support group to help new students to settle down in Netherlands.

Currently, less than twenty students from Saba are studying in The Netherlands. It is not sure how many students go there this year, because the final graduation results will only become available in August.

The Student Support Group has created a Facebook page: Student Support Group Saba , where Saban students can share their experiences and information. “For example, here, students can give advice about finding a room or share the latest updates on student finances,” says Wilson.

At the student conference organized by the Saba Labour Party (SLP), Island Council Member Monique Wilson pledged to help the students with their initiative. “However, we do not only want to assist the students in the Netherlands, but also want to support students who are in America,” says Wilson.

Many students on Saba have difficulties in choosing a follow-up study in The Netherlands, in the region or in the United States. This is directly related to the language barrier that they experience when going to The Netherlands as the instruction language on Saba is English. Many students return from The Netherlands without having completed their education. According to Nataly Linzey, the admin of the Facebook page, this originates from the lack of proper preparation. Preparation costs time, so it would be an advantage if the students would start this during the last year of the secondary school.

At the Student Conference, students who are currently studying in Netherlands, shared their experiences. Student Angie Ignacio: “It’s important to know which job you really want to practice later. Many students return to Saba, because they didn’t know what they wanted when they left for Holland. It is important for students to research a lot before going abroad. ”

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